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  2. SEPTEMBER 12, 2021 Story downloads restored.
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  4. Quantum Divergence Book 3 - Uncertainty Principle now posting on the TrekBBS and Ad Astra.
  5. SEPTEMBER 12, 2021 Refreshed StarEagleAdventures.com now live. Story downloads not yet available.
  6. Due to StarEagleAdventures.com moving to a new home, the story downloads at UnitedTrek.org are temporarily unavailable. EDIT - Sep 19: Story downloads restored.
  7. Those are some bold and striking lines. Loving it.
  8. Hey all, Stumbled over this a while back. Some great CGI work representing the Enterprise B. Since the hull design is identical to Intrepid, we can imagine this is what she’d look like on film, say in the “opening credits” scene or something. These folks have done some other fine work which I encourage you to view. U.S.S. Enterprise B (Excelsior Class) Tribute - Bing video
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  10. Is this what it would look like if the Oberth and the Sovereign had a baby?
  11. Not as cool as the USS Johnston video, but still an interesting redesign of the Oberth-class.
  12. I've seen static shots of this design, but the video was incredible! It's an upgrade over the original Oberth-class in several respects. I actually prefer this design over the Sculpin-class on which I based the Albacore-class 13 years ago. Yes, the Oberth used the struts for access to the secondary hull. According to most sources, the secondary hull of the Oberth is comprised of a highly efficient sensor array and scientific labs. Engineering on the Oberth is in the primary hull. The USS Johnston is different from the Oberth in several respects - engineering/hangar bay in secondary hull, more fire-power, somewhat larger, faster impulse and warp. (Oberth could only make warp 6). If it had a central neck connecting the saucer from the secondary hull, it would be perfect. Here's a weird coincidence - my last name is Johnston. No, I don't know the artist/creator of USS Johnston.
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