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  2. Revised and Re-edited stories posted

    I've just finished revising and updating Shore Leave, the final parts are up on the Trek BBS. Next up will be Ties that Bind
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  4. Original Work now up at Amazon

    Congrats Galen, This is very cool news!
  5. Original Work now up at Amazon

    Thanks, guys.
  6. Welcome to The Star Eagle Adventures

    Just read the review. Thumbs up is good!
  7. Original Work now up at Amazon

  8. Original Work now up at Amazon

    Congratulations! MDg
  9. For a fun, light-hearted yet fair review of Tempus Fugit, the first Star Eagle Adventures novel, check out Kibbin Codex's "What is 'Star Eagle Adventures: Tempus Fugit"?
  10. Original Work now up at Amazon

    Awesome. Congrats on publishing your first novel!
  11. As noted before, I've been writing an original novel on the side. It's a superhero / fantasy themed work that incorporates Egyptian mythology. The book in now up at Amazon, in both E-Book format and paper. You can find it at: https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=ka-ru+book+one The series has its own website which is also about to go live. So, when that's up, I'll post the link here as well and all future information will be announced on that site. Here is the synopsis: "Four thousand years ago: three deities come together in Egypt for one final, cataclysmic duel. In the bloody showdown that ensues, the newly born goddess Ma’Vest makes the ultimate sacrifice to rid the world of the hateful Set, before his power and scope can grow beyond any hope of containment… Today: The western world suffers under religious despotism. All other faiths have been eradicated without mercy. Anyone daring to defy the Scrolls of Luset are arrested or executed by police officers that enforce Holy Law. Yet, the war of the gods is far from over and soon the finale battle will begin—once again using superhuman soldiers that carry the living spirits of their masters. It is a conflict destined to reshape our reality and decide the fate of humanity’s collective soul…" Another note: reviews are of course very important, especially at this beginning stage. I can arrange a free copy in exchange for anyone who is willing to produce an honest review. Thanks!
  12. Status Updates

    Not a problem I hope one day we get to see more Bluefin tales--I'd love to see where you take Maya, Nigel, Inga, and the rest of the good ship Bluefin. Besides, The Commissar needs some new young faces to terrorize.
  13. Status Updates

    I'm sorry, but I'll have to say no. I have plans for Maya Vashtee, should I ever return to writing.
  14. Status Updates

    Got to admit, I had fun writing Vashtee and would like to continue to use her if I may. Boris needs a good operations officer/helmsman for Bellerophon and I figure Vashtee might like a change in scenery for a while. Besides, other than Dr. Vordus, ol' Boris needs to have someone from the Border Service with him.
  15. Mutatis Mutandis

    I've just posted the first part of a new Sutherland/Perseus/Other UT Guests story, Mutatis Mutandis on the Trek BBS: https://www.trekbbs.com/threads/sutherland-perseus-others-mutatis-mutandis.293091/ I'll also be posting on Ad Astra and here on the UT site. I hope everyone enjoys the story.
  16. Son Rise Sun Set

    Son Rise Sun Set is being reposted on the Trek BBS and will also be posted on Ad Astra.
  17. Preemptive Maneuvers

  18. hello everyone

    Welcome! Thanks for dropping by and saying hi! MDg
  19. hi i would like to be an admin.

  20. Preemptive Maneuvers

    hello everyone
  21. hello everyone

  22. Preemptive Maneuvers

    I figured that since I'm so eager to run my mouth about UT business, I should at least take the time to update my own thread. Just saying. So, there will be a bit more of a delay before work resumes on the rewrite of "Preemptive Maneuvers". The next chapter should go up at Trekbbs sometime in the next few months. The delay is mostly due to the impending launch of my novel---an original work that I've been cobbling together for the last several years. Delivery is now only a few weeks away and I'm at the point of doing some last financial housekeeping chores that are required before I put it up at Amazon. So PM will be delayed somewhat, but as excuses go, I guess this isn't the worst one to have. While this forum is really for my fan fic work, I'll still post an announcement here with links when the time comes. There will also be a synopsis. The theme is superhero fantasy with a supernatural flavor.
  23. Indefatigable

    nice. then we may have a friend in common or two
  24. Revised and Re-edited stories posted

    I'm currently revising and updating Shore Leave and posting it on Trek BBS.
  25. I'm currently posting an updated Meet the Lady on the Trek BBS.
  26. Indefatigable

    I am, indeed. MDg
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