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  2. I've seen static shots of this design, but the video was incredible! It's an upgrade over the original Oberth-class in several respects. I actually prefer this design over the Sculpin-class on which I based the Albacore-class 13 years ago. Yes, the Oberth used the struts for access to the secondary hull. According to most sources, the secondary hull of the Oberth is comprised of a highly efficient sensor array and scientific labs. Engineering on the Oberth is in the primary hull. The USS Johnston is different from the Oberth in several respects - engineering/hangar bay in secondary hull, more fire-power, somewhat larger, faster impulse and warp. (Oberth could only make warp 6). If it had a central neck connecting the saucer from the secondary hull, it would be perfect. Here's a weird coincidence - my last name is Johnston. No, I don't know the artist/creator of USS Johnston.
  3. That’s some fine work right there. I may have to hire the person who did this! I know what you mean about the two hulls. I’ve thought about adding a connecting hull for the Oberth in my own series to get around the problem. The hell were they thinking ?
  4. Oh boy, she's a beauty. And TLR may correct me if I'm wrong, but it she does look quite a bit like an Albacore-class cutter with a regular Starfleet livery. I have to say, I've always thought the Oberth-class is kinda funky looking but this video really makes her pop. Although I still wonder how the crew moves back and forth from the primary and secondary hulls. I suppose it has to be via those nacelle struts, though they look rather thin to support turbolift shafts, not to mention they are awfully exposed. Maybe the upper deck/lower deck division is more stringently enforced on these ships .... 😀
  5. Check this out! Very similar to the Bluefin's design. https://vimeo.com/444760023
  6. Part 2 - Shattered of State of Entanglement now posting at the TrekBBS and Ad Astra
  7. Decided to get in on the "Untold Era" fun over at TrekBBs with my story, "Starship Robeson: Blessed be the Peacemakers." https://www.trekbbs.com/threads/tue-starship-robeson-blessed-be-the-peacemakers.304746/
  8. Okay, I'm not looking to make a political statement here, but I always thought Michael Owens should be president. This is a good first step:
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