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  2. Son Rise Sun Set

    Son Rise Sun Set is being reposted on the Trek BBS and will also be posted on Ad Astra.
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  4. Preemptive Maneuvers

  5. hello everyone

    Welcome! Thanks for dropping by and saying hi! MDg
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  7. hi i would like to be an admin.

  8. Preemptive Maneuvers

    hello everyone
  9. Preemptive Maneuvers

    I figured that since I'm so eager to run my mouth about UT business, I should at least take the time to update my own thread. Just saying. So, there will be a bit more of a delay before work resumes on the rewrite of "Preemptive Maneuvers". The next chapter should go up at Trekbbs sometime in the next few months. The delay is mostly due to the impending launch of my novel---an original work that I've been cobbling together for the last several years. Delivery is now only a few weeks away and I'm at the point of doing some last financial housekeeping chores that are required before I put it up at Amazon. So PM will be delayed somewhat, but as excuses go, I guess this isn't the worst one to have. While this forum is really for my fan fic work, I'll still post an announcement here with links when the time comes. There will also be a synopsis. The theme is superhero fantasy with a supernatural flavor.
  10. Indefatigable

    nice. then we may have a friend in common or two
  11. Revised and Re-edited stories posted

    I'm currently revising and updating Shore Leave and posting it on Trek BBS.
  12. I'm currently posting an updated Meet the Lady on the Trek BBS.
  13. Indefatigable

    I am, indeed. MDg
  14. Indefatigable

    sounds great! btw, you the same garcia involved in frontlines and honorverse RMN club?
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  16. Indefatigable

    Thanks @Piotr Mierzejewski! I'll be posting a quick preview from the first chapter here next week. MDg
  17. Indefatigable

    looking forward to it all
  18. Indefatigable

    Well, all you need to do is tag @Gibraltar is a post and it'll email him. MDg
  19. Indefatigable

    And might I say that it's nice to see you posting updates again. Now, once our search parties find Sam, all will be well again.
  20. Indefatigable

    So, obviously we got caught up in the editing phase, and then life happened. I changed jobs and AJ's life has changed significantly since then. But we've been talking about finishing this thing and getting it out there for everyone to read MDg
  21. Status Updates

    Reread the stories and the reviews you received. Sometimes that old encouragement is helpful to getting your warp core back online and powering the ol' coils. MDg
  22. Status Updates

    I understand where you're coming from Redhshirt. I'm in the process of slowly catching up too. Re-reading old stories does help for me at least--after a while, the characters start talking to me again. I'm glad you're doing well with all that you're dealing with, and, when you're ready and that elusive muse returns, we look forward to reading more of your stories.
  23. Status Updates

    Hey man, good to hear you are doing well all things considering. The beauty of writing fan fic is that we can step away from it anytime and also come back whenever we rediscover that elusive muse, as a number of us have demonstrated over the years and even very recently. Take your time and I'm sure one day, sooner or later, you'll be back to enriching the UT-verse with those terrific characters and stories of yours.
  24. Status Updates

    The extended hiatus continues . . . "I'm not dead yet!" - Soon to be dead guy from Monty Python and the Holy Grail "Nothing happened. After a few moments, nothing continued to happen." - Douglas Adams It's been an interesting couple of years; we had both my father-in-law and my father in our home under hospice care during that period. My FIL passed about 18 months ago and my father passed on January 4 of this year. The family is doing well but we're still busy dealing with personal effects, selling Dad's house, etc. Apparently, writing is not like riding a bike. More like falling off of one. When you get away from writing (and vice-versa), it's easy to become gun shy. I've ideas a-plenty but nothing is flowing from the gray matter to the little computer screen. I've gone back and re-read some of the orphan stories that languish on the Trek BBS. Some are worth salvaging and completing. With others, I have searched (without success) for the delete button. I need to catch up on reading your stories also. I'm WAAAY behind! All that to say, I am doing well and will write again at some point. If any of you want to borrow characters from the Bluefin, please feel free. I think they're getting bored, sitting around the old cutter with nothing to do. TLR
  25. Long Time No See

    Sorry I didn't see this until now, but we're really glad to have you back! I just suffered a close loss, myself, so I grieve with thee. MDg
  26. Cold Comfort

    Cold Comfort is up the Trek BBS now and I'll have it up on Ad Astra and send it to Cejay for inclusion here as well. Hope everyone enjoys it.
  27. Absent Friends

    Just posted Absent Friends up on Trek BBS and will get it up on Ad Astra probably tomorrow. I've cleaned up grammatical errors and have added some new stuff, so Cejay, I'll send you over a .docx attachment tomorrow as well. Cold Comfort should be up in a day or so as well. Feels good to be writing again.
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