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  2. Long Time No See

    It's been a long time since I've posted and seen most of you, but some big things happened in my life that I should tell you about which explains why you haven't heard from me and why I haven't been writing. First, my mother suffered from Alzheimer's through most of the 2010's. As her condition worsened, I had to take on a greater role as caregiver until I and my family could no longer give her the proper care she needed and we had to place her in extended care. Me and my mother were very close and when she passed away in 2015, I spiraled down into a very deep and dark depression where I didn't really so much live, as exist. It was a very dark and painful time for me and really only recently ended. Last year at about this time, I passed out during a cardiac stress test and was rushed to the hospital where they had to perform a double coronary bypass and had a heart valve replaced. They had to perform surgery on me twice as they had to stop some internal bleeding. I nearly didn't make it through. It took me the better part of 2017 to recover from my surgery, but during that time, thanks to the love of family and friends, I got better. Now, I've dropped 70 pounds from last year and my depression is history. I've come to terms with the loss of my mother and I've found that my creative energies have been restored. If my friends at United Trek would have me back, I'd love to finish the stories I'm doing. Right now, I'm working on "Blood Cries" and I think everyone will like the ending of that story. I look forward to reading and sharing with everyone once again and to those who enjoyed reading about our wayward captain Liz and all her friends, well, if you'll have me, she's baaaaaack!
  3. Glossary of Orion Words

    Forgot about this list. This is so cool. Thanks for putting it together TLR. I came up with the title "Amah" that I came up with for the story "Corruption of Blood" several years ago. I created the title to be the female version of "Ah'met."
  4. Ah...The Entropy Effect...one of my all time favorite Trek novels. I heartily recommend it to everyone!
  5. Current & Upcoming Projects

    Part One: Trust No One of False Vacuum now posting at the TrekBBS and at Ad Astra.
  6. Current & Upcoming Projects

    All of reality was dying. That much had already been determined. The equations and calculations simply could not allow for any other conclusion. To deny this simple fact was tantamount to denying the existence of reality itself. And the study of reality was their entire raison d'être, their paramount purpose and their most sacred of responsibilities. Perhaps it had been different once. Before such considerations as the past, the present and the future had warranted separate and altogether different avenues of thought and philosophy. But once those distinctions had been left behind and deemed irrelevant when contemplating the total sum of reality, considered as too much of an impediment to fully comprehending and appreciating everything that was, is and ever will be, once they had reached that next stage of cognitive evolution, their duty had become inescapably clear. The Star Eagle Adventures Quantum Divergence - Book I False Vacuum Now Posting at the TrekBBS and at Ad Astra
  7. Current & Upcoming Projects

    With the Epilogue now posted at the TrekBBS and Ad Astra, Homecoming is now complete. This also marks the end of the Road to Quantum Divergence. Quantum Divergence will kick off next week.
  8. Current & Upcoming Projects

    Captain Amaya Donners and the starship Agamemnon have ventured into the Amargosa Diaspora, a part of distant space renowned for its magnificent beauty, to catalog its abundance of stars. But when they unexpectedly come across a Federation fugitive and a man with whom Donners has a personal history, everything about their mission changes. Now, a new mystery is waiting to be solved but the answer to this latest puzzle could prove to become the greatest challenge Donners and her crew have ever had to face. Maximum Entropy, is now available in full at the TrekBBS and at Ad Astra.
  9. Current & Upcoming Projects

    Always appreciate the kind words. Glad you are enjoying the story.
  10. Current & Upcoming Projects

    Every time I return, you amaze me with your story telling. I am not a fan of Discovery, and am glad for Eagle and United Trek.
  11. Current & Upcoming Projects

    There was a time, long ago, when veteran physician and Starfleet medical legend, Elijah Katanga, had been a young man. The galaxy was a very different place back then and offered more than ample opportunities for him and his close personal, Trill friend Dezwin Sigus to get into a whole lot of trouble. But not all escapades of youth are innocent, and sometimes their repercussions can be felt even long after the fact. Now, Tazla Star has to reconcile the actions of a former life while balancing the burdens of friendship and duty. The Audacity of Youth, is now available in full at the TrekBBS and at Ad Astra.
  12. Current & Upcoming Projects

    Eagle’s return to Earth signals a homecoming for much of her crew. But not everyone aboard is close to home again, certainly not Nora Laas, the Bajoran security chief who has eschewed her homeworld ever since leaving it behind to escape a brutal occupation. After an unexpected collapse while on duty, friend and counselor Alex Clancy tries to help the reluctant Laas to get to the deeply-rooted issues which have been plaguing her for years. Admitting that they even exist, is only the first step on a long and challenging journey Nora Laas is about to embark upon. Awakening, is now available in full at the TrekBBS and at Ad Astra.
  13. Dark Territory Updates

    More "Cats" https://www.trekbbs.com/threads/ut-taskforce-vanguard-dark-territory-kilkenny-cats.288860/page-2
  14. Dark Territory Updates

    More "Cats" https://www.trekbbs.com/threads/ut-taskforce-vanguard-dark-territory-kilkenny-cats.288860/page-2
  15. The Double Edge

    I've finally posted the last two chapters of "The Double Edge" at Ad Astra. http://adastrafanfic.com/viewstory.php?sid=754
  16. UPDATE: JULY 29, 2017 - The novella Civil War now available to download as an ebook (PDF, ePub or Kindle)
  17. Dark Territory Updates

    More "Cats" https://www.trekbbs.com/threads/ut-taskforce-vanguard-dark-territory-kilkenny-cats.288860/
  18. Dark Territory Updates

    More "Cats" https://www.trekbbs.com/threads/ut-taskforce-vanguard-dark-territory-kilkenny-cats.288860/
  19. Preemptive Maneuvers

    Chapter 2, part 2 of "Preemptive Maneuvers" is up at Trekbbs.
  20. Hi There

    hi how are you.?how's your night going.?
  21. Hi There

    it is pretty neat
  22. Dark Territory Updates

    More "Cats" https://www.trekbbs.com/threads/ut-taskforce-vanguard-dark-territory-kilkenny-cats.288860/
  23. Dark Territory Updates

    More "Cats" https://www.trekbbs.com/threads/ut-taskforce-vanguard-dark-territory-kilkenny-cats.288860/
  24. Dark Territory Updates

    I'm back after a long drought of writer's block. Here is my first posting for the Taskforce Vanguard story "Kilkenny Cats" at TrekBBS: https://www.trekbbs.com/threads/ut-taskforce-vanguard-dark-territory-kilkenny-cats.288860/
  25. Current & Upcoming Projects

    For So'Dan Leva things are looking good. He has recovered from his last disastrous assignment and if nothing else good came out of his experiences, at the very least he has made a new friend. But not everyone on board believes that his relationship with their newest crewmember is appropriate. Things threaten to become even more complicated when a person from his past reappears unexpectedly. The half-Romulan tactical officer prides himself on his ability to see threats others cannot. Is this the one time his sharply honed senses will fail him? Find out in Until She's Gone. Now available in full at the TrekBBS and at Ad Astra.
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