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    Since the USS Bluefin patrols the borderland near Klingon and Orion space, I thought I'd provide a list of Orion terms I have used/may use in future stories. Feel free to use or add any for stories set in the United Trek universe. A brief glossary of Orion terms - Ah'met - 'Captain,' 'Leader' or 'Prince,' literally - Supreme. (Credit goes to Gibraltar for this one.) Ah'met-sur - Syndicate clan leader. 'Lord.' Literally - 'Grand Supreme.' Ahm’suka - term of respect for an elder, literally - 'Wise head.' Met'mat - Father Met'Sando - Adoptive father, literally - 'Near-father' Met'Chan - Mother Jih'mat - brother or male cousin Leh'mhin - sister or female cousin Chadoi - daughter Mehk - son Moi - child J'moi - children H'lajmoi - abandoned children, orphans Sundija - Orions not part of a Syndicate clan - basically serfs in a feudal system. Literally - 'Under-people' Sundrik - Non-Orion Slave Ah'm'sund'rikan - Slave master Hri'gun - rodent Vuut - an insult, roughly equivalent to 'fool' or 'idiot.' Slis'pul - a derogatory term, roughly equivalent to S.O.B. Kima - measurement of time, roughly one second Mekima - measurement of time, roughly one minute Jul - measurement of time, roughly one hour Slarndra - derogatory term for a red Orion (used by green Orions). Slis'jaka - an extremely vulgar term, worse than Slis'pul. Kleemat - a unit of measure, slightly longer than a kilometer Teuurn - Human Met'nahl - Clan or family Met'lorhalan - Syndicate Nal'klisa - bond sum to free a child of age from service with the syndicate, literally - 'free ransom.' V'ores'sur - Verex III - Orion homeworld - 'Place of the Clan.' V'ores'katul - Verex IV - the 'Place of no Souls' - the outcast planet shunned by the Syndicate. V'ores'dur - Orion afterlife, Hell. Shen'lur - Starship Klihn - Klingon Ah'njor - Andorian Tehl'rul - Tellarite Vuhlka - Vulcan Isha - Yes Ru - No Jeh - Go Nuh - Stop, Wait Reht - Obey Kehf - Hot beverage (coffee, raktajino) C'hav - Wound, injure C'hur - Kill Fet'jun - 'Federation' or 'Starfleet' R’uulk - Romulan Fehn'gur - Ferengi Kahrd'sa - Cardassian Grehlt - Monetary unit - coin, slip, credit, etc. J'Grehlt - Money, loot, treasure Lin'hur - Fight, struggle, combat Ser'chaan – Weapon, Phaser, Disruptor L’hak – Blade, knife
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    The man who appeared to be standing in an indistinct part of the ship looked very much like the captain of the starship Enterprise but it was unmistakable that whatever transformation had befallen his ship, had also happened to him. His bald head was sickly pale and the entire right hand side of his face was covered with seemingly implanted machine parts. A black tube connected them with the dark, equally mechanical suit he was wearing. A bright red and directed light shone from the facial modification and directly into the visual pickup. For a moment nobody on the bridge spoke, as they stared at the sight with disbelieving eyes. T’Cirya was the first to break the silence, her carefully neutral face showing no evidence of astonishment. “Captain Picard?” A heavily modulated voice answered her. “I am Locutus of Borg. Resistance is futile. Your live as it has been, is over. From this time forward, you will service us.” Civil War Now posting at the TrekBBS and Ad Astra over the next 10 weeks.
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    Yes, "The Double Edge"! Chapter 8 is now up at both Ad Astra and Trekbbs. So, I've been away for a while working on an original novel. (I have delusions of grandeur) It's now in the hands of a proofreader, so I have some writing time to play with. As promised, I'm back to completing Intrepid stories that were left hanging lo, those many years ago. I think I've struck the right balance in my writing schedule now, so I do plan to finish DE and then move on to the follow up: "Pre Emptive Maneuvers". The original version of PE doesn't need much tweaking, so I'm expecting the rewrite process to go faster. These installments are important ones for the series, and the events have been referenced in tales that came afterward. So I think they're worth finishing. Besides, I hate leaving unfinished work laying around. About my own novel, I'd like to publicly acknowledge and thank my UT colleague Cejay. His work as content editor was invaluable. I was left with a much stronger book than what I started with. So much so, the rough draft is practically an embarrassment to me now. I will have him to thank for any success that comes from this project. More updates as they come.
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    "The Hidden Dagger" is now complete! http://www.trekbbs.com/showthread.php?p=10863301#post10863301 Thanks for reading.
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    Chapter 11 of "Trajectory" is up on the TreBBS.
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    Chapter 10 of "Trajectory" is up on the TrekBBS. I figure at this rate of one chapter per year I'll be done by 2035. No point rushing things.
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    Following Mike Garcia's example (read his blog here) I've decided to give this a shot myself. So here is my attempt at a writer's commentary on The Star Eagle Adventures V: Shadows in the Haze being posted at TrekBBS and Ad Astra. Obviously big SPOLER ALERT. Don't read this if you haven't read the story and still plan to do so. --------- The Star Eagle Adventures V: Shadows in the Haze Writer's Commentary Shadows in the Haze continues the Star Eagle tradition of thematic feature novels. After getting a time-travel story (Tempus Fugit), a treasure hunt in space (Eternal Flame), a war story (Cry Havoc) and a tale of redemption as well as terrorism and religious fundamentalism (All The Sinners, Saints), Shadows turns to crime as a murder mystery. It is more than that however. While All The Sinners, Saints could read almost like a contemporary tale at times, filled with real-world parallels (terrorism, civil war, fundamentalism, Marines, bullets and machine guns), with Shadows I wanted to go back to the outer space, sci-fi element of Trek. While Saints was primarily set on a planet not too unlike Earth, Eagle V mostly takes place on Eagle and other places more at home in a science fiction story. And while Saints featured a second starship with a whole other crew (Bluefin), Shadows brings the focus back to the main characters that make up the Star Eagle Adventures. As such I also expect Shadows to end up being much shorter than its insanely long predecessor. It of course remains to be seen how close I’ll be able to stick to my outline as I freely admit to having a tendency to move away from it, or at least expand and add to it as I get deeper into a story. It maybe interesting to note however that Shadows dates back a good seven years as I completed the original draft of this story way back in late 2005 and just before I re-launched the entire series for its internet debut. In fact the first feature novel, Tempus Fugit, remains the only one which I wrote from scratch for the re-launch while all other stories up to Shadows already existed in one form or another. But like Cry Havoc and All The Sinners, Saints, Shadows received a complete page one re-write even though the final outline to Shadows remains fairly close to its original version, much more so than Cry Havoc or Sinners did. Even the title remains unchanged and even though admittedly less original than the last two novel titles, I always felt that it conveyed the right amount of intrigue for a murder mystery set within a stellar nebula. The implication here of course is that there is something hidden, in this story as well as in the nebula itself of which we can only perceive shadows for now and inviting the reader to find out what exactly they turn out to be. To me Shadows has one of the strongest A and B plots of any story I’ve previously written. This is not to mean that it is the strongest plot overall but, at least to me, the strongest combination of plots which interlink in a rather satisfying manner. Of course to say more about the plots as this stage would spoil the story. So here now, is my commentary on each chapter of this story. Shadows is divided into main chapters, one for each day and then subdivided into smaller chapters within each day. I’ll aim to write a comment on each sub-chapter.
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    Chapter 2 of "Hydra's Arrow" is now up Trekbbs. Both chapters will be posted to Ad Astra later this week. Watch this space for an updates!
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    Some of you already know that we moved a couple of our sites to a different server. We're located on the same server as Ad Astra, so I'm going to basically import what I told them to here: This is going to impact everything for us: www, wiki, forums. We've scheduled a tentative cutover for the weekend of the 10th. UT will be included in that. MDg
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    More "Cats" https://www.trekbbs.com/threads/ut-taskforce-vanguard-dark-territory-kilkenny-cats.288860/
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    More "Cats" https://www.trekbbs.com/threads/ut-taskforce-vanguard-dark-territory-kilkenny-cats.288860/
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    Chapter 2, part 2 of "Preemptive Maneuvers" is up at Trekbbs.
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    This might qualify as old news, but Chapter 1 of Preemptive Maneuvers is now up at Trekbbs. PM is of course the conclusion to the Inth story arc that began in "The Double Edge".
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    More "Cats" https://www.trekbbs.com/threads/ut-taskforce-vanguard-dark-territory-kilkenny-cats.288860/
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    More "Cats" https://www.trekbbs.com/threads/ut-taskforce-vanguard-dark-territory-kilkenny-cats.288860/
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    I'm back after a long drought of writer's block. Here is my first posting for the Taskforce Vanguard story "Kilkenny Cats" at TrekBBS: https://www.trekbbs.com/threads/ut-taskforce-vanguard-dark-territory-kilkenny-cats.288860/
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    For So'Dan Leva things are looking good. He has recovered from his last disastrous assignment and if nothing else good came out of his experiences, at the very least he has made a new friend. But not everyone on board believes that his relationship with their newest crewmember is appropriate. Things threaten to become even more complicated when a person from his past reappears unexpectedly. The half-Romulan tactical officer prides himself on his ability to see threats others cannot. Is this the one time his sharply honed senses will fail him? Find out in Until She's Gone. Now available in full at the TrekBBS and at Ad Astra.
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    Chapter 2, part 1 of "Preemptive Maneuvers" is now up at Trekbbs.
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    You Can't Go Home Again. That sentiment seems particularly true for DeMara Deen who fears that after years in Starfleet which have tested her pacifistic upbringing again and again, and never more so than during the last two years of war with the Dominion, she may no longer be accepted by her own kind. The truth, she discovers, is much more complicated. The third Homecoming vignette, When I Was a Child, is now available in full at the TrekBBS and at Ad Astra.
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    Lieutenant Commander Xylion and his close personal friend, the enigmatic bartender Bensu, return to Vulcan and to the place their extraordinary, life-long journey first began. Will this trip through space and time finally answer the many questions which have plagued them both for years? The second Homecoming vignette, Resurrection2, is now available in full at the TrekBBS and at Ad Astra.
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    Chapter 11 is now complete and up at Trekbbs. I should have the full chapter uploaded to Ad Astra sometime this weekend. Chapter 12 will be the final installment of this story, but the over all arc will complete in "Preemptive Maneuvers".
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    The crew of the Starship Eagle returns to Earth for the first time in years and after the long war fighting the Dominion. The battered ship is overdue for an extensive overhaul but more importantly, the mentally and physically exhausted crew is desperate for well deserved shore leave. Homecoming is the third installment of the Eagle Vignette Series and features ten short stories, each following one or more characters from the Star Eagle Adventures as they face a different set of challenges. It is also the second and final story in the Road to Quantum Divergence series which will lead to the Quantum Divergence trilogy event which is due later in the year. Now posting at the TrekBBS and Ad Astra.
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    "Conspirata" is posted in full at TrekBBS. http://www.trekbbs.com/threads/ut10-dark-territory-conspirata.285529/#post-11868652
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    Yo, Chapter 10 now showing at Trekbbs. Soon to appear at Ad Astra.
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    Civil War has now been posted in its entirety at the TrekBBS and at Ad Astra. The story continues in The Star Eagle Adventures: Quantum Divergence, coming in 2017. Special thanks to my fellow United Trek writers, Bry Sinclair, DarKush, Galen, Michael Garcia, Sam Redfeather and The LoneRedShirt. The Road to Quantum Divergence continues in just a few weeks with the third Star Eagle Adventures vignette series, Homecoming.
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    Chapter 9 is now up at Trekbbs. Coming soon to Ad Astra!
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    Just an update: I've posted part 1 of "Wayward Son" at Trekbbs. Part 2 will go up in the next day or two.
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    What's Being Written Right Now? Post-FSA: "Ubi Bene Ibi Domo" with A. J. Gertner -- Stardate 55486 (June 2378) What's on Tap? Indefatigable: "Episode One (Title TBA)" with A. J. Gertner -- Stardate 55979.39 (December 2378) Refugee Crisis: "Stet Fortuna Domus" with A. J. Gertner -- Stardate Unknown (late 2379)
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    "Mater Semper Certa Est" is now completely published: http://adastrafanfic.com/viewstory.php?sid=2093 This story shall continue in the final part of our Task Force Vanguard trilogy, "Gens Una Sumus." MDg
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    The prologue for "Mater Semper Certa Est" is now available at Ad Astra! http://www.adastrafanfic.com/viewstory.php?sid=2093
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    "The Quality of Mercy" is now complete! http://www.trekbbs.com/showthread.php?t=241567
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    Chapter 12 of "Trajectory" is posted on the TrekBBS
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    Thank you for the warm re-reception. I am going to be doing some reading! Starting with the written part of "Recovery," to reacquaint myself with the cgaracters and story. It's amazing how many of the little details have faded, despute having a pretty good sense of where the story was going.
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    Weekly United Trek News Round-Up – October 27 The latest from the United Trek universe. Dark Territory No Win Scenario — The Starfleet task force is threatening to fall apart due to internal conflicts before it ever gets a chance to make contact with the enemy. Read new segments at the TrekBBS. Star Trek: Gibraltar / Star Trek: Full Speed Ahead Infinities Unbound — Pava Lar'ragos versus the Klingons, Part Two. But this time the deck might be stacked. Read a new segment at the TrekBBS. The Star Eagle Adventures Shadows in the Haze — Commander Xylion and the away team make a most unlikely discovery on a planet that shouldn't be. Read a new chapter at the TrekBBS or at Ad Astra. United Trek Story Archive Another series added to the archive post at the TrekBBS. Find them here. Read yourself happy.
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    Weekly United Trek News Round-Up – September 29 The latest from the United Trek universe. Border Cutter Silverfin Brand New Day —The Ocampa arrive in the Alpha Quadrant but are anything but safe. Read new segments at the TrekBBS Rock Jockeys Gold-Plated Trouble — Captain Carbo learns more about his crew than he ever wanted to know. Read new segments at the TrekBBS or at Ad Astra. Tales of the Fleet Star Trek: The Lady and the Sword — The Lone Redshirt reintroduces Captain McAfee and the USS Excalibur in this TOS era story at Ad Astra. The Star Eagle Adventures Shadows in the Haze — Nora Laas receives unexpected and unwanted help in trying to solve a murder case. Read a new segment at the TrekBBS or at Ad Astra. Read yourself happy.
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    After a year's hiatus from writing, I'm getting back in the pool (the shallow end for now) with a new chapter of Trajectory posted to the TrekBBS. Life circumstances have improved to the point I'm mentally and physically ready to do some more writing. I still don't know if there will be future "Tales of the USS Bluefin" stories following Trajectory. But I have learned - never say never.
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    Hey Dnoth, I was wondering if I could get a look at "For the Empire". Mainly I want to know if Worf left the ambassadorship in that story. Also, I didn't see a tab/section for Independence on the main page.
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    The first few pages of chapter 1 is now up at TrekBBS. When the entire chapter is complete, I'll post it at Ad Astra.
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    Hi CeJay. I expect to resume work on "Hydra's Arrow" this month. I've been making my original novel more of a priority these days, which of course cuts into my fan fiction time. It's a tough balancing act, what with a five year-old, wife and full time job. However, I've made a commitment to myself to finish the book by the end of 2013, and that's a project that has the potential to someday make a tangible impact in my life, both professionally and financially. The trouble is, I also enjoy writing Intrepid stories. I wish there were two of me sometimes, because part of me would like to stay here full time. But, barring a transporter accident...
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    Weekly United Trek News Round-Up – March 31 Catch up on all the latest installments of your favorite United Trek stories: Dark Territory Shadow Puppets—The captain of the Rushmore has more to worry about than the Romulans. Part Two is now posting at the TrekBBS Star Trek: Full Speed Ahead The Unreturned Prodigal — FSA 7: Family drama on board the Farragut. Read the full story exclusively at the TrekBBS. A Great Perhaps — FSA 6: The search concludes. Read the full story now at the TrekBBS or at Ad Astra. To Triumph and Not to Mourn — The crew of the Gallant prepares for their next mission. Chapter 3 now at the TrekBBS or read the entire story at Ad Astra. Star Trek: Gibraltar Scorched Earths — Mayhem ensues. Another Tuesday for Europa and crew. Read the newest segments at the TrekBBS. The Star Eagle Adventures The God Particle — Welcome to the shooting gallery. Survival is optional. Read more at the TrekBBS or Ad Astra. Read yourself happy.
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    More Shadow Puppets: http://www.trekbbs.com/showthread.php?p=7696327#post7696327
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    Weekly United Trek News Round-Up – February 3 (Super Sunday Edition) Welcome to what will hopefully be the beginning of a weekly feature showcasing what’s happening in the shared universe of United Trek. Find out what stories are currently underway, what has recently been added and updated and other news relating to the United Trek universe. All in one convenient place. Border Cutter Silverfin United Trek welcomes Brydon Sinclair to the United Trek universe. His Silverfin series has been a part of the shared universe for a while but now it’s finally official. Bry will continue the great legacy of the Border Service created for the UT by recently retired TheLoneRedshirt. Silverfin’s latest story, Bright New Day is being posting at the TrekBBS and adds another exciting chapter to the United Trek event Refugee Crisis and brings back one of the most fascinating characters from Star Trek: Voyager. Dark Territory DarKush brings us a new and revised version of his riveting political/spy thriller Shadow Puppets which is being posted at the TrekBBS. His story explores the question of what length both the Federation and the Romulans will go in order to keep control of Benzar after the end of the Dominion War. Star Trek: Full Speed Ahead Mike Garcia and writing partner A.J. Gertner have been hard at work at revising and re-shuffling Full Speed Ahead to make a great series even better. The latest chapter, A Great Perhaps is now complete and available at Ad Astra. FSA also returns to the TrekBBS with story #4, Milk Run. Don’t miss any of it. And check out the Full Speed Ahead blog to keep abreast off all FSA news. Star Trek: Gibraltar The Task Force Vanguard headline tale continues in Scorched Earths by Sam Redfeather in his second, mind-blowing adventure of a desperate Starfleet fleet trying to head off a seemingly unstoppable convoy of refugees racing towards the Alpha Quadrant. And now their most dangerous foe might already be in their midst. A must read at the TrekBBS and Ad Astra. Star Trek: Intrepid Galen4 brings back Captain Jason Aubrey and the crew of the Intrepid who might be the only ones able to stop the onslaught of a massive refugee ship which has set its sights squarely on a populated planet. Read Hydra’s Arrow part of Refugee Crisis now underway at the TrekBBS The Star Eagle Adventures The God Particle continues at the TrekBBS and Ad Astra, telling the story of the rookie captain of the Agamemnon, Amaya Donners, and her seemingly impossible mission to keep the powerful Omega Molecule out of the wrong hands. Also, check out the fifth installment of The Star Eagle Adventures, Shadows in the Haze, and the return of Captain Owens, Commander Star, the USS Eagle and her crew in this mystery/crime novel now posting at the TrekBBS and Ad Astra. And for the first time ever, read the Writer’s Commentary at the United Trek forum. Other News Work is underway to get the entire library of nearly 200 United Trek stories in one easily accessible archive. Keep an eye out for the complete UT history available for your reading pleasure later this year. Read yourself happy. (and enjoy the Big Game)
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    More Shadow Puppets. http://www.trekbbs.com/showthread.php?p=7526680#post7526680
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    Just discovered your site and at a glance many, many stories to read. Where to start? I think I'll just point my finger at the screen. Seems random enough, unless anyone has another reason (for example, time-line purposes). Looking forward to reading.
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    HI I am also new to this site, I am currently reading the Prime Directive, it has been so long that I have read a Star Trek story, but I loving it so far. I will keep looking around this site.
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    I've been posting "Stealing Fire" at TrekBBS. Check out the latest entries: http://www.trekbbs.com/showthread.php?t=178585&page=4
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    Hi All: Name's Terilynn. Found this loverly spot though Sam and Michael after meeting Sam through the 12 Days of Christmas last year. He told me all about this place. I had no clue there was so much. So I think I'll just start someplace...