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  1. DavidFalkayn has just posted two series of vignettes Movements in Light and Shadow and Objects at Rest on the United Trek Dark Territory page. However, I would prefer that you hold off reading them until you've read The Valley of Peace and Under the Shadows of Swords. I just had to resend "Swords" to him to be posted. Last week DF posted the short story Last Stand and the novella False Colors. November has been a good month for Dark Territory.
  2. More "Cats" https://www.trekbbs.com/threads/ut-taskforce-vanguard-dark-territory-kilkenny-cats.288860/page-2
  3. More "Cats" https://www.trekbbs.com/threads/ut-taskforce-vanguard-dark-territory-kilkenny-cats.288860/page-2
  4. More "Cats" https://www.trekbbs.com/threads/ut-taskforce-vanguard-dark-territory-kilkenny-cats.288860/
  5. More "Cats" https://www.trekbbs.com/threads/ut-taskforce-vanguard-dark-territory-kilkenny-cats.288860/
  6. More "Cats" https://www.trekbbs.com/threads/ut-taskforce-vanguard-dark-territory-kilkenny-cats.288860/
  7. More "Cats" https://www.trekbbs.com/threads/ut-taskforce-vanguard-dark-territory-kilkenny-cats.288860/
  8. I'm back after a long drought of writer's block. Here is my first posting for the Taskforce Vanguard story "Kilkenny Cats" at TrekBBS: https://www.trekbbs.com/threads/ut-taskforce-vanguard-dark-territory-kilkenny-cats.288860/
  9. I also want to add my thanks as well.
  10. Welcome Maria. I'm glad you're enjoying the stories.
  11. Hey CeJay,

    I had a question about your short story "The Enemy of My Enemy (is My Lover)". You mentioned a pro-Dominion (I think) Vice-Proconsul in that story. I wanted to include that character in a follow up to "Conspirata" (in my Romulan cycle of DT stories). I didn't see if the VP had a name or a gender. I was thinking the VP was male.

    My take on him was that the VP was pro-Dominion but fell in line and supported the war against the Dominion. Now, postwar the VP wants to keep all territorial gains and wants to crack down on the Remans. My intention is to have Reman renegades attempt to assassinate him at a meeting involving Allied dignitaries.

    If you have a name, physical description for the Vice-Proconsul? Thanks.

    1. Cejay


      Just looked over that story, no name or description was given, so feel free to use the character anyway you like.

    2. DarKush


      Thanks CeJay.

  12. Hey CeJay, Thanks for adding Conspirata to the other anniversary stories.
  13. "Conspirata" is posted in full at TrekBBS. http://www.trekbbs.com/threads/ut10-dark-territory-conspirata.285529/#post-11868652
  14. Thanks CeJay and Happy Holidays, I wrote "Obscura" a long time ago and was retooling it to make it more in line with where I want to go today, but the story that became "Conspirata" took hold and then it just grew. It's a large story that might actually connect to an even bigger mega-story. I hope to get back to "Obscura" but it will change due to what happens with "Conspirata" and the new ideas and direction the story has generated.
  15. Happy Holidays everyone! I've just posted the start of my UT 10 celebration story, called "Conspirata" at Trek BBS. http://www.trekbbs.com/threads/ut10-dark-territory-conspirata.285529/
  16. Congrats on finishing up another story.
  17. It's been a while, but here's some more "Class" http://www.trekbbs.com/showthread.php?t=269725
  18. More "Class" http://www.trekbbs.com/showthread.php?p=10995784#post10995784
  19. More "Class" http://www.trekbbs.com/showthread.php?p=10984780#post10984780
  20. A little more "Class of '42": http://www.trekbbs.com/showthread.php?p=10959055#post10959055
  21. Starting a new Four Years War story: "Class of '42". http://www.trekbbs.com/showthread.php?p=10953175#post10953175
  22. A new Four Years War entry. "Ascension" at TrekBBs. http://www.trekbbs.com/showthread.php?p=10880896#post10880896
  23. Thanks Michael. It was a long road but I am glad the journey is over...or maybe beginning anew.
  24. "The Hidden Dagger" is now complete! http://www.trekbbs.com/showthread.php?p=10863301#post10863301 Thanks for reading.
  25. More "Dagger" http://www.trekbbs.com/showthread.php?p=10823116#post10823116