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  1. We don't really house fiction here on the forums. I highly recommend that you submit this to the Ad Astra Star Trek Fanfiction Archive at http://www.adastrafanfic.com Thanks! MDg
  2. Just a bit of a teaser for our readers (and warning: there's audio on this one, so turn down the speakers/headphones) http://indie.stfsa.net MDg
  3. It will be published at Ad Astra, alongside all of our other works. MDg
  4. We've just finished writing the first novel, and we're in the editing phase, now MDg
  5. Yep! We're in the middle of writing the final chapters of the first Indie story! MDg
  6. As you can see, we've upgraded the forum site to version 4.x of the IPS software. The normal skin no longer works, so we'll be using the default skin for a little while until I can find a suitable one for this version. Enjoy! MDg
  7. Congratulations on completing "The Hidden Dagger," DarKush MDg
  8. What's Being Written Right Now? Post-FSA: "Ubi Bene Ibi Domo" with A. J. Gertner -- Stardate 55486 (June 2378) What's on Tap? Indefatigable: "Episode One (Title TBA)" with A. J. Gertner -- Stardate 55979.39 (December 2378) Refugee Crisis: "Stet Fortuna Domus" with A. J. Gertner -- Stardate Unknown (late 2379)
  9. "Gens Una Sumus" has just finished at Ad Astra: http://adastrafanfic.com/viewstory.php?sid=2159 MDg
  10. Thanks! You can meet some of Indefatigable's crew in "Mater Semper Certa Est," which was completed earlier this year. MDg
  11. "Gens Una Sumus" is now playing at Ad Astra: http://adastrafanfic.com/viewstory.php?sid=2159 MDg
  12. "Mater Semper Certa Est" is now completely published: http://adastrafanfic.com/viewstory.php?sid=2093 This story shall continue in the final part of our Task Force Vanguard trilogy, "Gens Una Sumus." MDg
  13. Chapter Four and Five of "Mater" are now playing at Ad Astra: http://adastrafanfic.com/viewstory.php?sid=2093 MDg
  14. Prologue, Chapters One through Three of "Mater Semper Certa Est" are now playing at Ad Astra: http://adastrafanfic.com/viewstory.php?sid=2093 MDg
  15. Another question, what do you think of the Larson-class? Pure cutter class, commanded by an LCDR. http://jaynz.trekships.org/images/Fed2275/Jaynz_Larson_2275.png
  16. Taking a first pass at the wiki page: http://wiki.unitedtrek.org/w/index.php/Chandley-class MDg
  17. Very cool. Those "wings" with the nacelles on them are multi-purpose holds. They can carry marines, cargo, or be used as evacuation pods. I'll add the ship class to the Border Service wiki page. MDg
  18. Is there any room for the Chandley-class with the Border Service? https://home.comcast.net/~ststcsolda/federation/chandley/chandley_big_dorsal.jpg It's a frigate type, LCDR in command. MDg
  19. The Miranda-class article has now been update to match the UT wiki style guide, with some additional canonical information and starships introduced in the show as well as in other UT stories: http://wiki.unitedtrek.org/w/index.php/Miranda-class MDg
  20. TLRS: I added the Apollo-class to the UT wiki: http://wiki.unitedtrek.org/w/index.php/Apollo-class MDg
  21. Soyuz-class cutter USS Watsonville (NCC-1951), CDR Carl MacPherson commanding. MDg
  22. USS Zeus will be used in a future story, Gens Una Sumus, with Commander Intizara Halabi holding command. MDg
  23. Used USS Alder as a "mention" of it being the nearest service cutter available in Mater Semper Certa Est MDg
  24. The prologue for "Mater Semper Certa Est" is now available at Ad Astra! http://www.adastrafanfic.com/viewstory.php?sid=2093
  25. Congratulations on completing TQoM, DarKush. MDg