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Piotr Mierzejewski

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  1. it is pretty neat
  2. you guys have no shared timeline anymore?
  3. I intend too.
  4. This was a brilliant story CJ, and am thrilled you've written it the way you dis. Want more.
  5. hiatus, how come? still, looking forward to reading it.
  6. cool. where do we find it once finished?
  7. for some odd reason the link didn't pop up, can it be emailed directly?
  8. cool
  9. is there any more fiction coming out?
  10. pretty
  11. Please keep us posted on your progress
  12. This is still my favourite premise, an under-resourced component of a fleet. Loved Bluefin.
  13. Good fiction is hard to find, CJ, and I'm not picky if it's original or fanfiction. Heck, your stuff may as well be original.
  14. This is some of the finest writing out there, CJ. Keep up the good work.