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    The extended hiatus continues . . . "I'm not dead yet!" - Soon to be dead guy from Monty Python and the Holy Grail "Nothing happened. After a few moments, nothing continued to happen." - Douglas Adams It's been an interesting couple of years; we had both my father-in-law and my father in our home under hospice care during that period. My FIL passed about 18 months ago and my father passed on January 4 of this year. The family is doing well but we're still busy dealing with personal effects, selling Dad's house, etc. Apparently, writing is not like riding a bike. More like falling off of one. When you get away from writing (and vice-versa), it's easy to become gun shy. I've ideas a-plenty but nothing is flowing from the gray matter to the little computer screen. I've gone back and re-read some of the orphan stories that languish on the Trek BBS. Some are worth salvaging and completing. With others, I have searched (without success) for the delete button. I need to catch up on reading your stories also. I'm WAAAY behind! All that to say, I am doing well and will write again at some point. If any of you want to borrow characters from the Bluefin, please feel free. I think they're getting bored, sitting around the old cutter with nothing to do. TLR
  2. Status Updates

    I'm sorry, but I'll have to say no. I have plans for Maya Vashtee, should I ever return to writing.
  3. Since the USS Bluefin patrols the borderland near Klingon and Orion space, I thought I'd provide a list of Orion terms I have used/may use in future stories. Feel free to use or add any for stories set in the United Trek universe. A brief glossary of Orion terms - Ah'met - 'Captain,' 'Leader' or 'Prince,' literally - Supreme. (Credit goes to Gibraltar for this one.) Ah'met-sur - Syndicate clan leader. 'Lord.' Literally - 'Grand Supreme.' Ahm’suka - term of respect for an elder, literally - 'Wise head.' Met'mat - Father Met'Sando - Adoptive father, literally - 'Near-father' Met'Chan - Mother Jih'mat - brother or male cousin Leh'mhin - sister or female cousin Chadoi - daughter Mehk - son Moi - child J'moi - children H'lajmoi - abandoned children, orphans Sundija - Orions not part of a Syndicate clan - basically serfs in a feudal system. Literally - 'Under-people' Sundrik - Non-Orion Slave Ah'm'sund'rikan - Slave master Hri'gun - rodent Vuut - an insult, roughly equivalent to 'fool' or 'idiot.' Slis'pul - a derogatory term, roughly equivalent to S.O.B. Kima - measurement of time, roughly one second Mekima - measurement of time, roughly one minute Jul - measurement of time, roughly one hour Slarndra - derogatory term for a red Orion (used by green Orions). Slis'jaka - an extremely vulgar term, worse than Slis'pul. Kleemat - a unit of measure, slightly longer than a kilometer Teuurn - Human Met'nahl - Clan or family Met'lorhalan - Syndicate Nal'klisa - bond sum to free a child of age from service with the syndicate, literally - 'free ransom.' V'ores'sur - Verex III - Orion homeworld - 'Place of the Clan.' V'ores'katul - Verex IV - the 'Place of no Souls' - the outcast planet shunned by the Syndicate. V'ores'dur - Orion afterlife, Hell. Shen'lur - Starship Klihn - Klingon Ah'njor - Andorian Tehl'rul - Tellarite Vuhlka - Vulcan Isha - Yes Ru - No Jeh - Go Nuh - Stop, Wait Reht - Obey Kehf - Hot beverage (coffee, raktajino) C'hav - Wound, injure C'hur - Kill Fet'jun - 'Federation' or 'Starfleet' R’uulk - Romulan Fehn'gur - Ferengi Kahrd'sa - Cardassian Grehlt - Monetary unit - coin, slip, credit, etc. J'Grehlt - Money, loot, treasure Lin'hur - Fight, struggle, combat Ser'chaan – Weapon, Phaser, Disruptor L’hak – Blade, knife
  4. For those of you new to the concept of the Border Service, I thought I'd provide the more-or-less canon background. The idea came from Diane Carey's Star Trek novel, Ship of the Line, which included the Border Service Cutter USS Bozeman and her Captain, Morgan Bateson. You may recall the Bozeman from the TNG episode, "Cause and Effect." In Ship of the Line, the Bozeman receives two new officers from the Enterprise and both Bateson and his first mate, Gabe Bush, provide these new additions a crash-course in the role of the Border Service. Here's an excerpt - "Now boys, before you square away your gear, let me give you a short course in border patrolling. Have you heard anything about this service?" Mike Dennis glanced at John Wolfe, and neither wanted to speak, but as senior of the two apparently Dennis was pressed into service. "I've head, uh . . . they call you 'Bulldog Bateson," sir." Bateson cleared his throat and uttered, "Ummm-hmm," and Bush caught some amusement at the new officers' discomfort. At least Dennis had the nerve to admit what he'd heard. "You two know each other?" Bateson asked. "No sir, just met," Wolfe said, as he glanced around the tight bridge and its two cramped decks, styled generally like any other Starfleet ship, except smaller and more utilitarian. "Not exactly a starship, is it?" the captain stated. "That's right. It's not. Tell 'em, Gabe." Bush took one step forward. "This is a Soyuz-class border cutter authorized by the Starfleet Border Service. You may consider us, in a way, descendants of the United States Coast Guard, which in turn derived from the 1915 merging of the Revenue Cutter Service and the Lifesaving Service. In fact, the first United States naval commission went to Captain Yeaton is 1791, the master of a revenue cutter. The historic tag "cutter" is picked up from the early days of the British Revenue Service, which actually used cutter-rigged sailing ships. If you want to know what that is, look it up. The United States Revenue Service used schooners rather like the fast Baltimore Clippers, but they were still called 'cutters,' and we still call ourselves that today. It keeps us tied to our long traditioin of coastal security,and we're proud of it!" "Verily," Wizz Dayton confirmed from up-deck. With a nod, Bush added, "And this is no office building. No three eight-hour watches. Here we run standard military four-on eight-off. We dog our watches on the Bozeman. That provides seven watches instead of six, so crew members stand different watches instead of the same watch every day. The duties of a border cutter are smuggling patrol, towing, traffic control, buoy and lightship maintenance, import-export regulation, tariff and trade-law enforcement, and aid and rescue. Oh, one thing that surprises new men is that we tow with heavy duty clamps." "Clamps?" Wolfe repeated. "Why not use tractor beams, sir? That's standard -" "Why use energy that has to be replaced when you can use a clamp that doesn't?" Oh, that moment of superiority felt wicked. "That's right," Bateson said. "You'll also learn to set your whole being to short-range callibrations. Everything we do is short-range. We're not a powerpack, we're not a showboat, and we're never going to be in a history book." He made a gesture toward the main screen, where the great starship was just pulling around a planet to clear herself for light-speed. "But we've got one thing that makes us equal to Enterprise herself. You're wearing it." Clinging to his tiny brass shot glass, Dennis gazed at him as if he liked what he was hearing, and Wolfe looked down at his uniform as if seeing it for the first time in quite a while. Bush understood how they felt - he too tended to forget sometimes. "Ships are like people, boys," Bateson continued. "They have jobs, specific jobs. This is a border cutter. That's all it's meant to be. The dream of this ship is not great exploration, not making headlines or even delivering cargo. This ship wants a secure border and a stable Neutral Zone. As her crew, that's all we should want. We're cogs in a bigger machine. If a cog stops, the machine fumbles. We're a working ship, not a glory factory. We're not the knights. We're the castle guard. If you want something else . . . get over it." * * * From Ship of the Line by Diane Carey. Thanks for providing the inspiration, Ms. Carey! - From the next generation of Border Dogs serving in United Trek and other Star Trek universes.
  5. For our United Trek writers, here is a list of some of the Border Service vessels/classes from around 2377. Note, the only difference in markings between Border Service and Starfleet vessels are the blue and orange pennants for the cutters (instead of Starfleet red) with the Border Service insignia replacing the Starfleet Cochrane Delta. Both services use NCC prefixes for their registry numbers. Aerie - Class Patrol Scout / Survey Vessel Developed in the late 2340's, the Aerie - class was designed to fill the gap between automated sensor buoys and the various cutters employed by the Border Service to patrol the boundaries and space-lanes of the Federation. The small but agile vessel utilizes many automated systems, allowing for smaller crews and a lower build-cost. Its planet landing capability is an added bonus. The Border Service ordered 32 of the Patrol Scouts, while an additional 5 were built for civilian research use. The two models were virtually identical, though the civilian models lacked weaponry. Due to budget constraints (a common theme for the Border Service) actual production was limited to 15 ships. The first ship, USS Aerie went into service in 2250. All but two of the Border Service ships are still operational. The S.S. Raven, one of the civilian models, disappeared in 2356. It was later learned that the Raven and Hansen family were assimilated by the Borg. (Thanks to Sam Redfeather for introducing the Patrol Scout Harrier in ST:Gibraltar - Gravity. The Raven is a canon ship from Star Trek: Voyager) Specs. 60,000 metric tons. Crew: 3 - 10 (Max capacity of 20), Type IX phasers and micro-torpedo launchers forward/aft (Border Service models), Maximum speed: Warp 9.6, Planetary landing capability. Smallcraft: None. NX / NCC-32401 USS Aerie NCC-32402 USS Snipe - C.O. Lt. Cdr. Mikael Petrovich NCC-32403 USS Thrush - C.O. Lt. Karl Lutze NCC-32404 USS Starling NCC-32405 USS Martin NCC-32406 USS H'krii - C.O. Lt. Cdr. Ilahn NCC-32407 USS Hakucho (Stored, inactive, pending inspection of warp core) NCC-32406 USS Sustantivo NCC-32407 USS Loris NCC-32408 USS Lark (Damaged in ion storm, awaiting refit at Star Station India) NCC-32409 USS Altaira NCC-32410 USS Kiwi NCC-32411 USS Harrier (Destroyed, warp core breech in 2377) NCC-32412 USS Raptor NCC-32413 USS Cardinal NCC-32414 USS Ghel NCC-32415 USS K'Shod - C.O. Lt. Cdr. Bethany Forbes NAR-32450 SS Raven (Lost, presumed destroyed in 2356) NAR-32451 SS Rook NAR-32452 SS Mockingbird NAR-32453 SS Caracara NAR-32454 SS Litaan Albacore - Class Border Cutter The Albacore-class is the backbone of the Border Service. These ships are fast, durable and well-armed. They are also compact and cramped! Their impulse engines provide a power to mass ratio second only to the Defiant-class, which can make operating an Albacore a challenge for a new helmsman. Maximum warp speed in 9.2. Developed in the late 23rd century, 22 ships were built in the class, receiving major refits in the 2340's. By May of 2377, only 14 are still in active service, the others having been retired, destroyed or sold. Specs: 390,000 metric tons, Length: 144 meters, Height: 40 meters, Width: 69 meters, Decks: 8, Crew: 150, Evacuation limit: 500, Type VIII phaser turrets, Twin forward/single aft torpedo launchers (60 x Mark 22 "Rat Trap" torpedoes, 45 Photon torpedoes), Maximum speed: Warp 9 (uprated models), Smallcraft: 4 Star Stallions / 2 Type 8 Shuttlecraft / 1 Workbee NOTE: The USS Finback was found adrift in April of 2377 after disappearing in 2349. It is undergoing a refit with plans to return the cutter to service in late 2377 or early 2378. NX / NCC-4450 USS Albacore (retired - on display at Starfleet Museum) NCC-4458 USS Bluefin - C.O. Captain Joseph Akinola NCC-4459 USS Scamp - C.O. Captain Boris Rodenko NCC-4454 USS Snapper - C.O. Captain Rudi Keppler NCC-4452 USS Growler - C.O. Captain T'San NCC-4453 USS Snubfin - C.O. Captain Spyros Gatopoulos NCC-4456 USS Tarpon - C.O. Captain Imelda Hutario NCC-4455 USS Amberjack - C.O. Captain Sylvia Reuben (cutter destroyed in Maquis ambush, 2377) NCC-4457 USS Pompano - C.O. Captain Zhurtha NCC-4461 USS Dolphin (destroyed during first Cardassian War) NCC-4463 USS Kittiwake - C.O. Captain Quinn Elena Destrehan NCC-4462 / NMV-79372 USS Steelhead (sold to a mining consortium, re-named SS Korasitu Maru) NCC-4464 USS Marlin (destroyed during the Dominion War) NCC-4465 USS Beluga NCC-4466 USS Bonito - C.O. Captain Yolix Va Edar NCC-4460 USS Finback (missing, presumed destroyed in 2349, discovered adrift in April 2377, currently undergoing refit.) NCC-4451 USS Thrasher (destroyed - warp core breech) NCC-4467 USS Pronghorn - C.O. Captain Gorik NCC-4468 USS Ceel'yet - C.O. Captain Srenak NCC-4469 USS Sturgeon - C.O. Captain Lars Trondheim NCC-4470 USS Silverfin - C.O. Captain Susanna Leijten (Ship on indefinite loan to writer Bry Sinclair) Apollo - Class Border Cutter The Apollo - class first went into service in the 2320's. Originally slated as a destroyer / light cruiser, Admiral Odegaard of the Border Service was able to persuade the Admiralty to set aside ten of the class for dedicated Border Service duty. These cutters have proved to be very agile performers. While not considered as sturdy as the Albacores the Apollos are quicker and have a higher top speed. By the late 2370's eight of these cutters remained in service, assigned to patrol duties along the Romulan Neutral Zone. Specs: 420,000 metric tons, Crew: 180+, Type VIII phaser turrets, Twin forward/single aft torpedo launchers, Maximum speed: Warp 9.5, Smallcraft: 6 Type 8 Shuttlecraft NCC-11503 USS Achilles - C.O. Captain Gompos NCC-11532 USS Agamemnon - C.O. Captain Madilyn April NCC-11574 USS Ajax NCC-11575 USS Archimedes (damaged, undergoing refit) NCC-11577 USS Athena NCC-11578 USS Hera (destroyed in the Dominion War) NCC-11579 USS Hercules NCC-11582 USS Hermes (destroyed in the Dominion War) NCC-11585 USS Jupiter NCC-11590 USS Zeus Miranda - Class Escort Cutter More Miranda -class starships were built between 2258 and 2315 than any other class of starship. Until the Domininon War, they were the most common Federation vessel in existence. The irony is the Miranda - class design was an after-thought. Shortly after the introduction of the Constitution - class in the mid-23rd century, Starfleet saw the need for a smaller, more efficient and relatively inexpensive light cruiser capable of multi-mission roles. Utilizing the saucer section and warp drive components from the Constitutions, the Miranda - class was born. It proved to be more practical in many respects than the Connies which had a relatively short life span (with a few notable exceptions). The Mirandas had a smaller cross-section and tended to be sturdier ships than the Connies. The multi-mission capability was a major advantage. A Miranda could be outfitted as a destroyer with a weapons pod, a surveyor with a sensor pod, a transport, a tanker, and even a light carrier with an extended flight deck. Most of the Mirandas exceeded their 80 - year design parameters and several variant classes were developed. Many were placed in long-term storage as newer ships, such as the Nebula - class joined the fleet in the mid and later 24th century. In the mid 2360's, the Border Service acquired ten of the mothballed Mirandas, re-naming them and outfitting them for escort duty. In 2377, six of these vessels are still in service, usually assigned to convoy duty in occupied Cardassian territory. Specs: 655,000 metric tons, Crew: 220+, Six type-VII phaser emitters; two pulse phaser cannons; two photon torpedo launchers, Maximum speed: Warp 9.2, Smallcraft: 2 Star Stallions / 4 Type 8 Shuttlecraft / 2 Class 9 Shuttlecraft / 1 Workbee NCC-60010 USS Kestrel -C.O. Captain Gregory McGregor (of non-UT stories by Mirandafave. Ship on indefinite loan. ) NCC-60011 USS Kite NCC-60012 USS Goshawk NCC-60014 USS Peregrine (Damaged during Talarian Incursion, Repaired) - C.O. Captain Harrison Richards NCC-60015 USS Redhawk NCC-60017 USS Krechet NCC-60018 USS Shrike (destroyed in Dominion War) NCC-60020 USS Osprey (destroyed in Dominion War) NCC-60021 USS Aquila (destroyed in Dominion War) NCC-60022 USS Sparrowhawk (destroyed in Dominion War) Soyuz - Class Border Cutter The Soyuz - class cutter is a derivative of the ubiquitous Miranda - class starship. In the late 23rd century, the Miranda -class went through a major refit program which resulted in several sub-classes. The Soyuz - class received an expanded landing bay for larger shuttle craft and runabouts, upgraded sensors and heavy phaser cannons. These ships were popular with their crews for their ruggedness, reliability and ease of maintenance. They are not terribly fast and are rapidly disappearing in the latter part of the 24th century - some after over 100 years of service. Only seven remain in service in 2377. One, the USS Adair, is a one-off refit to handle hazardous material accidents and fires on ships and stations. Another one-off ship is the USS Sandy Hook, refit for salvage work. The USS Bozeman, ironically, is projected to last well into the 25th century - it was caught in a temporal loop for 80 years and its space frame is the equivalent of only 30 years old. Specs: 675,000 metric tons, Crew: 220+, Six type-VII phaser emitters, single pulse phaser cannon, two photon torpedo launchers, Maximum speed: Warp 8.5, Smallcraft: 4 Star Stallions / 4 Type 8 Shuttlecraft / 2 Workbees NCC-1941 USS Bozeman - C.O. Captain Gabe Bush NCC-1945 USS Mobile Bay - C.O. Captain Louis Bienville NCC-1947 USS Cam Rahn Bay - C.O Captain Mirothrin R'Shav (Damaged during Talarian Incursion. Undergoing refit at Star Station India) NCC-1960 USS Avondale - C.O. Captain Kiso Hayakawa NCC-50278 USS Paul N. "Red" Adair C.O. Captain Margaret Gunderson (Haz-Mat/Fire Cutter, formerly the USS Tacoma) NCC-1972 USS Chincoteague - C.O. Captain Tuluk NCC-51684 USS Sandy Hook - C.O. Captain Kelly Ravenhill (Salvage/Recovery Cutter, formerly USS Manilla Bay) Griffin - Class Deep Space Cutter The Griffin - class was originally developed in the 2340's as a perimeter action vessel, designed to escort larger task forces and protect the capitol ships. However, the need for perimeter action ships waned, so the Griffins were attached to the Border Service where their range and speed proved valuable in the sparsely populated space lanes. Unlike the Alabacore - class, the Griffins did not rely on the system of Star Stations for support. Instead, these deep space cutters would remain on station for weeks, even months at a time without the need for resupply. Similar in appearance to the newer Intrepid-class starships, the Griffin-class introduced the elongated primary hull that has become more prominent in cotemporary starship design. These cutters are speedy and well-armed, providing a valuable counter to pirates and smugglers who frequented the interstellar void. By 2377, seventeen of the ships remain in service. Specs: 720,000 metric tons, Crew: 200+, Type X phaser arrays, Twin forward/single aft torpedo launchers, Maximum speed: Warp 9.5, Smallcraft: 2 Star Stallions / 4 Type 8 Shuttlecraft / 4 Type 9 Shuttlecraft / 1 Workbee NX / NCC-15100 USS Griffin (retired) NCC-15101 USS Onadaga NCC-15102 USS Minotaur - C.O. Captain Raymond Meyer NCC-15105 USS Shi'lahnta (destroyed in Dominion War) NCC-15106 USS Kraken NCC-15108 USS Siren (lost, presumed destroyed) NCC-15109 USS Lobo NCC-15110 USS Gremlin (destroyed in second Cardassian War) NCC-15112 USS Taing Jian (heavily damaged - scrapped) NCC-15115 USS Banshee NCC-15116 USS Blackhaw NCC-15117 USS Sigul (lost, presumed destroyed) NCC-15118 USS T'Vor (destroyed during the Talarian Incursion) NCC-15119 USS Medusa NCC-15120 USS Cyclops (destroyed during the Talarian Incursion) NCC-15121 USS Satyr NCC-15122 USS Tiyanak NCC-15123 USS Dragonfire - C.O. Captain Artemus Slayd NCC-15124 USS Tlatecuhtli (destroyed during the Dominion War) NCC-15125 USS Abbadon NCC-15126 USS Megalodon NCC-15127 USS Chimera NCC-15128 USS Quanlier NCC-15129 USS Fury NCC-15130 USS Naga NCC-15131 USS Thunderbird - C.O. Captain Aalimah Kalil NCC-15152 USS Steadfast - C.O. Captain Paula Winchell Sequoia - Class Fast Response Cutter The Sequoia-class is the newest class of cutter in the Border Service, and the most controversial. The original plans were to design an entirely new cutter to fit the needs of the Border Service for the next 80 plus years. However, cost concerns shifted the focus to adapting a current class to meet the needs, much as the Soyuz-class was an adaptation of the Miranda-class. The Nova - class space frame was chosen as the starting point for the new cutter. New, uprated warp engines matched to a more robust warp core, boosted speeds into the higher warp 9 range - a major improvement over the original anemic speeds of the Novas. Additional weaponry in the form of heavy phaser cannons and two additional torpedo launchers gives the class more firepower. However, veteran cutter commanders complained that the ship lacked adequate tractor beams and concerns were expressed about the long-term durability of the new ship in areas such as the Molari Badlands. Despite these objections, the USS Sequoia was commissioned in late 2376 under the command of Captain Tyre D'Angelo. If funding is approved, a total of 24 Sequoia - class ships will be constructed over the next ten years. Specs: 250,000 metric tons, Crew: 80, Type XI phaser arrays, Twin pulse-phaser cannons, Twin forward/twin aft torpedo launchers, Maximum speed: Warp 9.9, Smallcraft: 1 Type 8 Shuttlecraft / 2 Type 9 Shuttlecraft NX-88800 USS Sequoia - C.O. Captain Tyre D'Angelo (injured) / Captain Maria Galvani in temporary command NCC-88801 USS Sycamore - C.O. Captain Ledjwan Ch'Poa NCC-88802 USS Kukui - C.O. Captain Kayden Nell NCC-88803 USS Alder NCC-88804 USS Bonsai NCC-88805 USS Saguaro (under construction) USS Red Oak (construction contract pending) USS Royal Palm (construction contract pending) USS Lancewood (construction contract pending) Deepstar - Class Rescue / Recovery Cutter Approved by Starfleet for operations in 2377, the Deepstar - Class is a new series of vessel designed for multiple-mission capability - from rescue operations, evacuation and emergency transport, medical services, to salvage/recovery of damaged or destroyed vessels. The Deepstar development team was charged with designing a vessel capable of the aforementioned mission parameters while also carrying a modern weapons system, state of the art sensors, an extendable shield envelope, six graviton beam-emitters, and a warp factor nine capability. Consolidated Starfire impulse engines, similar to those used on Defiant and Albacore - class ships will be utilized for superior sub-light performance. Commander Iris Ludanski, project director, began work on designing the prototype at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards after funding was first approved in 2371. The project was delayed due to the Dominion War but resumed in 2376. The prototype, USS Deepstar, NX 88710, was cleared for trials in May 2377, under the command of Captain Bill Harmon. If the ship should meet expectations, a total of 18 ships will be built. Teamed with the new Sequoia - class Fast Response Cutters, it is anticipated that the Deepstar - class will ultimately be a suitable replacement for both the Albacore and Miranda - Class series. Specs: 650,000 metric tons, Crew: 200+, Type XI phaser arrays, Pulse-phaser cannon, Twin forward/twin aft torpedo launchers, Maximum speed: Warp 9.8, Smallcraft: 4 Mk II Star Stallions / 4 Type 8 Shuttles / 4 Type 9 Shuttles / 2 Workbees NX / NCC-88710 USS Deepstar C.O. Captain Bill Harmon (undergoing trials) NCC-88711 USS Carl Brashear (under construction) NCC-88712 USS Max Nohl (under construction) NCC-88713 USS Jacques-Yves Cousteau (construction contract pending)* NCC-88714 USS Mariana NCC-88715 USS Buster Crabb NCC-88716 USS Emile Gagnan NCC-88717 USS Frederic Dumas NCC-88718 USS Bayonne NCC-88719 USS Swede Momsen NCC-88720 USS Trieste NCC-88721 USS Hannes Keller NCC-88722 USS Elk River NCC-88723 USS Recovery NCC-88724 USS Northwind NCC-88725 USS Southwind NCC-88726 USS Ortoland NCC-88727 USS Panama City NCC-88728 USS Marathon *Note: NCC numbers subject to change until construction contracts are finalized for USS Jacques-Yves Cousteau and subsequent vessels in series. Forward - Class Border Cutter / Corvette Undergoing trials in 2377, the Forward - Class cutters are being developed to complement the larger Deepstar - class cutters and the smaller Sequoias. Like the Albacores, the Forward - Class is designed as a sturdy, fast cutter, capable of navigating ion storms and towing vessels many times their size. Improvements in computer systems and automation allow for a smaller crew consist in more comfortable accommodations. Two ships have been approved for the Border Service - the prototype USS Forward and the under-construction USS Panache. It is unknown if the remaining ten ships will be approved or if the entire program will be halted. Starfleet is also interested in the design as a small corvette for escort duty and/or perimeter defense. USS Gorshkov is being built to Starfleet specifications for trials. The Gorshkov carries heavier armament but with fewer tractor beam emitters. Specs (Border Service): 300,000 metric tons, Crew: 100, Type X phasers, Forward/aft torpedo launchers, Maximum speed: Warp 9.7 Specs (Starfleet): 302,000 metric tons, Crew: 90-120, Type XII phasers, Pulse phaser turret, Forward/aft torpedo launchers, Maximum speed: Warp 9.7, Smallcraft: 2 Mk II Star Stallions / 2 Type 8 Shuttlecraft / 2 Workbees NX - 89050 USS Forward (Undergoing trials, May 2377) - C.O. Captain Chay Saing Dao NCC - 89051 USS Panache (Under Construction) NCC - 89052 USS Alacrity (Construction contracts 89052 - 89061 are pending) NCC - 89053 USS Grisha NCC - 89054 USS Hrekaa NCC - 89055 USS Simcoe NCC - 89056 USS Shikishima NCC - 89057 USS Harstad NCC - 89058 USS Bluefin (Originally slated as USS Storis, Renamed and replaced Albacore-class USS Bluefin NCC-4458 in 2385) NCC - 89059 USS Barentshav NCC - 89060 USS Burevestnik NCC - 89061 USS Manistee NCC - 88242 USS Gorshkov (Starfleet spec. Corvette, under construction at Andor Fleet Yards.) Everest - Class Asteroid Breaker / Warp Tug The Everest - class was developed in the 2330s specifically to clear navigational lanes through asteroid fields and to tow disabled vessels at warp speed. The ships have numerous graviton beam emitters (tractor beams), cutting lasers and point defense phasers. Three powerful navigational deflectors on the bow allow these ships to move massive asteroids. Their hulls are heavily armored and reinforced. The ships are very maneuverable but also very slow. Top warp speed is 7.9 (6.2 when towing another ship). Only two of the original four are left as the newer Ouachita - class tugs replace them. Specs: 770,000 metric tons, Crew: 60+, Type VIII phaser turrets, Maximum speed: Warp 7.9, Smallcraft: None NX / NCC-5200 USS Everest NCC-5201 USS Vesuvius (retired in 2370, reactivated in 2376 following loss of Kilimanjaro) NCC-5203 USS Kilimanjaro (destroyed) NCC-5204 USS Fujiyama Ouachita - Class Asteroid Breaker / Warp Tug The Ouachita - class entered service in the late 2350s. Identical in function to the Everest-class, the Ouachitas add better speed and defense capabilities with a smaller crew requirement. Currently, there are four active ships in this class. Other construction contracts are pending. Specs: 620,000 metric tons, Crew: 40+, Type X phaser arrays, Single torpedo launcher, Maximum speed: Warp 9.2, Smallcraft: 2 Workbees NX / NCC 58400 USS Ouachita NCC-58410 USS Obion - C.O. Captain Gehmari emal Vrej NCC-58413 USS Scioto NCC-58415 USS Cimarron USS Cumberland (construction contract pending) USS Maravenda (construction contract pending) USS Du'ursk (construction contract pending) Pamlico - Class Buoy Tender The Pamlicos are an eclectic mixture of previously retired ships that were pulled from mothballs, brought up to minimal operating specifications and assigned to service the hundreds of subspace relays and navigational buoys operated by Starfleet and the Border Service. The ships lack weapons and offer few amenities for their crews. Usually, they go out no more than a week at a time. Serving on these ships is considered to be the bottom rung of the ladder for Border Service crews. NCC-T101 USS Pamlico (former Oberth - class USS Gordon Cooper) - C.O. Lt. Cmdr. Kelendi Nor Huren NCC-T102 USS Kennebec (former Constellation - class USS Swiftsure) NCC-T103 USS Saginaw (former Oberth - class USS Andrei Tupolov) - C.O. Commander J. Ulysses Kane NCC-T104 USS Katami (former Pyotr Velikiy - class USS Erika Hernandez) Support Vessels (Small-craft) Like Starfleet, the Border Service employs shuttle craft and runabouts of various sizes and types. Most of these are assigned to the ten Star Stations. A few cutters carry shuttle-craft, but most carry Star Stallions, a utilitarian vessel, larger than a Type-10 shuttle, but smaller than a Danube - class runabout. The Stallions have spartan interiors and are more ruggedly built than shuttles. They include tractor beams as well as four universal docking rings for when transporters are impractical. Most are equipped with a weapons pod on a roll bar, giving the Stallions phasers and/or micro-torpedoes. The Stallions are not named (unlike the shuttles) but carry numbered designations, e.g. Stallion 01. Most of the station shuttlecraft are named after retired or deceased Border Service personnel. (e.g. Odegaard, Paski, Parker et. al.) Star Stallion Specs: Length 19.7 meters, Height 5.4 meters, Width 13.5 meters, Passenger capacity: 30, Twin Type VIII phaser emitters, Twin micro torpedo launchers, Maximum speed: Warp 4 Star Stallion Mk II Specs: Length 19.8 meters, Height 5.4 meters, Width 13.4 meters, Passenger capacity: 35, Type X phaser array, fore/aft micro torpedo launchers, Maximum speed: Warp 6
  6. Ships of the Border Service, circa 2377

    Michael, I get a 404 error from the Larson-class link. If it's the class with the single nacelle connected to the hull by two pylons, that will be fine.
  7. Ships of the Border Service, circa 2377

    Yes, I think the Chandley-class would work.
  8. Ships of the Border Service, circa 2377

    Great! Thanks, Michael.
  9. Irons in the Fire

    Thank you! Very kind of you to say so. Hopefully, there will be more Bluefin stories in the future. Currently my focus is on the 23rd century Four Years War between the Klingons and the Federation.
  10. Irons in the Fire

    Chapter 12 of "Trajectory" is posted on the TrekBBS
  11. Irons in the Fire

    Chapter 11 of "Trajectory" is up on the TreBBS.
  12. Irons in the Fire

    Chapter 10 of "Trajectory" is up on the TrekBBS. I figure at this rate of one chapter per year I'll be done by 2035. No point rushing things.
  13. United Trek Quiz

    I got two right and now I'm "1st of one." Apparently I was assimilated into the Borg collective.
  14. Irons in the Fire

    Chapters 2 -4 of "Gold-Plated Trouble" are up on the TrekBBS.
  15. Irons in the Fire

    Chapter 1 of a new series - Rock Jockeys: "Gold-Plated Trouble" - is up on the TrekBBS. Chapter 10 of "Trajectory" is in process.
  16. Irons in the Fire

    Chapter 9 of "Trajectory" is up on the TrekBBS.
  17. Irons in the Fire

    After a year's hiatus from writing, I'm getting back in the pool (the shallow end for now) with a new chapter of Trajectory posted to the TrekBBS. Life circumstances have improved to the point I'm mentally and physically ready to do some more writing. I still don't know if there will be future "Tales of the USS Bluefin" stories following Trajectory. But I have learned - never say never.
  18. Irons in the Fire

  19. Thanks! - could be. Like you, it's been years since I read the book in question. I'm fuzzy on the story line but as I recall the female captain and her Border Patrol crew were a scruffy bunch - their uniforms were a hodge-podge of fleet issue and customized bits, plus they were armed with phasers, disruptors, swords, etc. They seemed almost like pirates, except they were the 'good guys,' patrolling the Romulan Neutral Zone. I'll have to see if I can find a copy of "The Entropy Effect" through Amazon. Captain Hunter sounds familiar.
  20. CeJay, it's a good read - one of Diane Carey's better novels IMHO, although the second half doesn't fit either Prime Universe or UT canon. There's actually an earlier Star Trek paperback from the mid 1970's that featured a "Border Patrol" ship near the Romulan Neutral Zone. I can't for the life of me remember the title of the book or the author - I've tried searching for it with no luck. It's set in the earlier TOS era, 2266-68, I believe. These Border Patrol types were Starfleet cast-offs and everything they had from weapons to ships were all hand-me-downs. It was a rough and tumble bunch with a female captain who carried a cutlass! That book and Carey's novel provided a lot of the basis for the Bluefin and her crew (and the reason why I have Bateson as an admiral in the Border Service by 2376).
  21. Irons in the Fire

    Update: Due to personal matters, this is the end of the road for "Tales of the USS Bluefin." It has been a fun ride and I'm grateful for all those who have read and commented on the stories. I'm especially grateful for my fellow United Trek authors and their support and encouragement. Hopefully, one of them will take up the mantle of Captain Akinola and company at some point. Circumstances require I focus my full attention on 'real-life' and thus my foray into the world of science fiction and the Star Trek universe must end for now. It's been a blast! TLR
  22. Irons in the Fire

  23. Ships of the Border Service, circa 2377

    Sounds good, CeJay - feel free to use the Thrasher as you see fit. I did not indicate a date for her destruction, so let's assume she was in service throughout the 2350's.
  24. Ships of the Border Service, circa 2377

    Got it. I'll make the addition. Done.