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  1. Ah...The Entropy Effect...one of my all time favorite Trek novels. I heartily recommend it to everyone!
  2. The Double Edge

    Chapter 7 of "The Double Edge" is now posted at Ad Astra and Trekbbs.
  3. The Double Edge

    I've finally posted the last two chapters of "The Double Edge" at Ad Astra. http://adastrafanfic.com/viewstory.php?sid=754
  4. Preemptive Maneuvers

    This might qualify as old news, but Chapter 1 of Preemptive Maneuvers is now up at Trekbbs. PM is of course the conclusion to the Inth story arc that began in "The Double Edge".
  5. Preemptive Maneuvers

    Chapter 2, part 2 of "Preemptive Maneuvers" is up at Trekbbs.
  6. CeJay, I saw that you updated the main UT page with "Preemptive Maneuvers". Much obliged! And I thank you also for keeping everyone's current projects front and center. You and Michael really keep this site humming, which benefits us all by generating constant traffic.
  7. Preemptive Maneuvers

    Chapter 2, part 1 of "Preemptive Maneuvers" is now up at Trekbbs.
  8. The Double Edge

    Thanks, Cejay! I'm happy you're still going strong as well!
  9. The Double Edge

    Chapter 12, the final chapter of "The Double Edge" is now complete! Currently posted at Trekbbs. I'm afraid I'm behind on posting the last two chapters to Ad Astra but I should have that done over the next week or so. In the meantime, you can now view the complete story at Trekbbs. As mentioned in my last post, the arc will conclude with "Preemptive Maneuvers". This will be followed by "Inevitability". From there, we'll move forward on the timeline to finish "Hydra's Arrow", an aborted tale that takes place well after the war and concerns UT's "Refugee Crisis / Vanguard" event. Finally, we have a series of "episodes" that will fall under the "Gamma Year" heading. These will detail Aubrey and company's adventures in the Gamma Quadrant during the year leading up to "Treacherous Waters". Whew. Also, watch this space for word on when my non-trek novel goes online: "Mankat: Book One, The Overthrow". Wait a minute. What the hell am I thinking? I can't do all this stuff! Panic attack is over, I'm all good now. Just need a few pills.... :0
  10. Current & Upcoming Projects

    And it's a kick in the ass. If anyone out there hasn't read this one yet, I highly recommend it. Ah, If only the cannon stories were always this intriguing...
  11. The Double Edge

    Chapter 11 is now complete and up at Trekbbs. I should have the full chapter uploaded to Ad Astra sometime this weekend. Chapter 12 will be the final installment of this story, but the over all arc will complete in "Preemptive Maneuvers".
  12. The Double Edge

    Chapter 11, part 1 is now up Trekbbs. Once the chapter is fully completed, it will go to Ad Astra.
  13. Oh, yeah. I hadn't realized you referenced "Wayward Son" until now. Thanks!
  14. The Double Edge

    Yo, Chapter 10 now showing at Trekbbs. Soon to appear at Ad Astra.
  15. The Double Edge

    Chapter 9 is now up at Trekbbs. Coming soon to Ad Astra!
  16. The Double Edge

  17. The Double Edge

    Yes, "The Double Edge"! Chapter 8 is now up at both Ad Astra and Trekbbs. So, I've been away for a while working on an original novel. (I have delusions of grandeur) It's now in the hands of a proofreader, so I have some writing time to play with. As promised, I'm back to completing Intrepid stories that were left hanging lo, those many years ago. I think I've struck the right balance in my writing schedule now, so I do plan to finish DE and then move on to the follow up: "Pre Emptive Maneuvers". The original version of PE doesn't need much tweaking, so I'm expecting the rewrite process to go faster. These installments are important ones for the series, and the events have been referenced in tales that came afterward. So I think they're worth finishing. Besides, I hate leaving unfinished work laying around. About my own novel, I'd like to publicly acknowledge and thank my UT colleague Cejay. His work as content editor was invaluable. I was left with a much stronger book than what I started with. So much so, the rough draft is practically an embarrassment to me now. I will have him to thank for any success that comes from this project. More updates as they come.
  18. UT 10th Anniversary

    Just an update: I've posted part 1 of "Wayward Son" at Trekbbs. Part 2 will go up in the next day or two.
  19. UT 10th Anniversary

    The second and final installment of "Wayward Son" is now up at Trekbbs. Soon to be posted at Ad Astra as well. Happy Anniversary, all.
  20. United Trek Quiz

    Well, I kind of sucked, but the quiz is really cool! Thanks for doing this, CeJay!
  21. Recovery

    Nice to see you're back! Keep us posted on your projects!
  22. Irons in the Fire

    Oh, yeah!
  23. I wonder if you're thinking of "The Entropy Effect" by Vonda N. McIntyre, which featured a tough female Captain Hunter, who commanded Aerfen. Don't recall if she carried a cutlass, it's been years since I read it. Her ship was considered a fighter vessel of some sort, not specifically a border ship. Hell of a read either way, if anyone here gets a chance. One of my favorites, and set during TOS, despite the STTMP cover. One of the first novels published after the film, if I'm not mistaken.
  24. The first few pages of chapter 1 is now up at TrekBBS. When the entire chapter is complete, I'll post it at Ad Astra.