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Cover and Teaser Art Design History

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A look at some old and never-used cover and teaser art pieces in a small retrospective of 10 years or so of Star Eagle Adventures design history.






1. First off an early Star Eagle series promotional cover featuring the original Star Eagle logo. It prominently features the obviously Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation inspired intro which did in fact preface the first few novels before it was dropped entirely and subsequently removed from all stories. 





2. Next is yet another early promotional cover, this time using the short-lived transitional logo featuring the spread eagle design before the introduction of the bald eagle head logo in use today. Interesting to note that this piece, including the tagline was recycled with the new logo, and can currently be found on the Ad Astra archive series page.






3. A very early concept teaser art cover for the sixth novel in the series. So early in fact, the story didn’t even have a name yet and the teaser still features the initial Star Eagle logo and is missing the blue banner which would eventually become standard on all Eagle covers. Eagle 6 eventually became Semper Fidelis. The tag line however was reused, slightly amended on the second teaser: “The war is over. The battle for peace has only just begun” .






4. The title and tagline remained the same for the finished story on this early version of the teaser for Eagle 5. The background and the angle of the ship eventually changed. Another mildly interesting note: Shadows in the Haze didn’t actually debut until late 2012.






5. The only teaser ever produced for the spin-off series Lower Deck Tales and clearly with an eye on the popular abbreviation craze. In hindsight not very smart considering the relatively obscure series title.






6. An unused teaser variation for the upcoming Quantum Divergence saga with the same shattered glass motif featured on the official teasers.






7. One of four Versus concept teasers for 2016’s Civil War novella. The other three variations can be found on StarEagleAdventures.com here.






8. A teaser variation for the current vignette series Homecoming, once again using the abbreviation concept (even though here it’s even more obscure). And while this version was briefly used on StarEagleAdventures.com, it was eventually removed and replaced with a very similar version when it became clear that (a) Fall 2016 was becoming more like early 2017 and (b) that’s not really the Earth we know.






9. An early cover concept for Homecoming which was dropped mostly in favor of the more evocative cemetery version. The image of San Fran in flames from Deep Space Nine is evocative in its own right and while these events are hinted at in Homecoming, none of the vignettes actually take place during or even immediately after the Dominion attack on Earth.

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