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  1. *cringes* Yes, I know. I've been extremely remiss in my duties as of late. I told everyone I'd be writing again when the summer started, and here it is the middle of June already... *sigh* Still having trouble getting into the writing. I've been having a crisis of confidence lately, and while I've got the nuts and bolts of a couple stories planned out, as of yet I still haven't gotten much past that stage. Take my word for it though: I'm trying, and I will have something ready for public consumption sooner rather than later.
  2. With graduation imminent, I will finally have some free time to start writing soon. Expect a further update after the weekend of the 9th.
  3. LOL... and for that, I wholeheartedly apologize. Between my senior essay and a case of writer's block like you wouldn't believe... I just have had no luck whatsoever recently with the whole writing thing. Thanks for the compliments, mirandafave; I appreciate you sticking with me and I'll try not to disappoint you.
  4. Just a bump; I'm pretty wrapped up in RL school stuff at the moment still, as I'm trying to make sure I'm still on track for graduation in May. Just thought I'd let you all know that I haven't forgotten about Captain Forester and will be returning to the writing as I can. (I know, I've said that before...)
  5. Here's the latest, for anyone out there who may be interested: I've officially began working on the first official United Trek Forester tale, a crossover with Dark Territory entitled The Good Fight.(As discussed above.) DarKush and I have hammered out the core of the plot and already have a couple scenes written, and work is proceeding (mostly) apace on my end. Priority B is getting progress done on Continuity Shift. As I've probably mentioned before, the concept has grown beyond something that would fit in a vignette; I'll probably be shooting for short story length on this one. I'm hoping *crosses fingers* to have this one well under way by the time we start posting The Good Fight; this is something that really should be written before I take Kieran too far into the 24th century.
  6. The computer returns tomorrow!! ;D ;D
  7. Well, now you've just made it harder. Thanks for nothing. Kidding, just kidding. ;D Actually, your responses did help, although not in the way I'd first thought when I made the post to begin with. I do have a tendency to sometimes distrust and not listen to my instincts, which has been to my detriment at times in the past. Sometimes I need to be reminded of the value of a good gut feeling. My gut seems to be steering me towards Continuity Shift. I've got a lot of homework and final exam prep to do this week, but I'll set aside some time this weekend to get started, whether or not I have my regular computer back yet. In the meantime, DarKush, I'd love to start plotting out TGF. Do you want to start a topic in the DT forum, or here, or did you have another medium in mind?
  8. OK everyone, the good news is that the flood of new material lately has finally given me a yen to write once again. The bad news is now that I have decided to write, I have no idea what to write. So, I figured I'd present the different alternatives that have crossed my mind the last few days and see what you all think. Option 1: Interlude 2(3? I currently have an Interlude 2, but for the moment it's considered apocryphal). I had thought about doing a pair of linked vignettes from Kieran's 23rd century days to show some background about Forester's rocky relationship with Captain Ostlund from the Haven story. The first was to be something from early on in his first stint on the ship, showing some incident that either began their rivalry or fueled its development. The second was to be a scene with Kieran and Haven's captain from his second stint on the ship, when Kieran is told he's being passed over for the second officer slot in favor of Ostlund. The plus side to these is that they'd be relatively short; the last time I wrote an interlude I was able to finish in an evening. The down side is though that while the second scene is pretty fleshed out in my head, I'm still stumped about what kind of 'incident' to create for the first one; nothing I can think of seems, well, right, for lack of a better term. Also, with these two done before I continue work on Haven, this will give readers a bit of insight into Kieran and Petra's history without having to wait for further clues in the Haven story itself. Option 2: A new Haven chapter. This idea was actually what spawned my idea for Option 1. I had come across the part of Haven that I had already written and posted, and it reminded me that I had worked through the writer's block for the scene in Kieran's office that was coming next. I think I've finally figured out most of the Haven pilot; however, as this is a full length story instead of a short story/vignette, I don't want it to take away from my upcoming collaboration with DarKush, especially with the way it always takes longer than I think it will to write a story update. For my own part I'm leaning towards one of the two shorter options, but I liked writing the first couple chapters of Haven enough that if that's what people really want to see, I'll do it. Option 3: Continuity Shift, the story of Kieran's 'loss' in space and his subsequent reappearance 70 years later. This story will focus on the 23rd century half of his experience; the 24th century half of the story, with Kieran being told what happened, getting accustomed to a new time, et al. is something I'd like to do another collaboration with one of you on, although there's at least two or three projects that need to happen first. Now, this one I actually already started, shortly before my computer broke; I had a beginning monologue that I remember liking but I can't remember exactly how it actually went. Since I still haven't gotten my computer back(which is starting to really infuriate me; gotta remind myself to call the place again tomorrow) that beginning is still lost to me, which is tempting me to delay the story until I have access to the original document; but I suppose I could always write a different part of the story and piece together the two documents when I get my machine back. This also isn't going to be a full length story, but unlike the Interludes series it's a bit much for a mere vignette; after fleshing out the story more it's looking like the 23rd century part will end up at roughly short story length with 3 or 4 chapters. Option 4: I've also been thinking about the aforementioned DT collaboration The Good Fight lately, which is one of my most anticipated projects in a while. This is the one option that doesn't just depend on me, though; I know DarKush just finished False Colors recently(a very good story, by the way DK... just read it earlier today) but I don't know what he wants to do next, if he has plans for something else at the moment or what have you. Plus, I really should finish Continuity Shift before starting this one, so readers aren't confused and asking "wait, I thought this guy was a 23rd century captain, what's going on?" Thoughts? Opinions? Votes? Something else you'd like to see in lieu of the options presented here?
  9. Thanks. The guy should have the new motherboard in store by tomorrow, so it should be soon now! Once I get my computer back, we should get serious about starting up The Good Fight. Sorry it's taken so long, but as you can see there's been some unfortunate complications on my end.
  10. Just checking in to say hi and that I'm still here. Still haven't gotten my computer back, but I talked to the guy today - he's found a suitable replacement motherboard, so hopefully I'll get my machine back before the new year and can finally junk this antique I've been using. I was hoping to get started on Continuity Shift as promised, but my senior year of college keeps stopping by to say hello and has proven a very needy houseguest. In the meantime, I see the rest of you have been busy. I'll have to get caught up on some reading.
  11. Hey DK. Good to finally see you here. ;D
  12. Last night my computer died, and now for some reason it will no longer stay on for longer than 10 seconds or so. I don't think I lost anything, but until it's fixed, I can't get to any of my stuff either, which includes my stories and such. The good news is that I won't be completely out of the loop; I have an old hand me down laptop that I'll be working from until/if(crosses fingers...) I get my old machine back. I wasn't all that far into Continuity Shift, so depending on how long it will take to get my desktop back, I might just start over on the laptop.
  13. The vignette mentioned above has been titled Continuity Shift, and after a couple false starts is progressing reasonably well. No idea when it will be finished; as I may have mentioned, this semester is proving to be my busiest yet, and I was never terribly good at time management in the first place. Hope you all haven't given up on me just yet.
  14. This is the last actual update from the old board, and it mostly holds true still. I'm putting my 23rd century projects on hold for the time being. I've started working on the vignette; no ETA on completion, however... I can thank my school schedule for that. I haven't seen DarKush here yet, so I'm not sure what his plans are for the crossover, but I'm ready to start working on it whenever you are, DK.
  15. Sorry about that, it's now fixed. And yes, I'm liking this one much better than Yuku so far.
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