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  1. BSG-Phoenix, all of my Pytheas stories are available on the TrekBBS. I think that's the only place you can see them at the moment. Just do a search for "Pytheas" in the fan fiction forum and you should find them. I think the first one was back in 2008.
  2. I understand working on original stuff. I'm writing the UT Pytheas stories, the Aurora story, trying a forensics-based novel and working on short stories in my original science fiction universe in the hopes of being published.
  3. What kind of issues, CeJay? If you need help, I'm sure we can all assist.
  4. TLR, can you confirm for me that the Sequoia-class USS Bonsai is NCC-88804? I need her now.
  5. December 10, 2010 I'm now done with 1x08, Secrets and Lies and will be starting on Shakedown this weekend. I will be posting the story to the TrekBBS beginning this evening or tomorrow, and then one chapter daily until the 20th. My parents will be arriving from the UK and I am not sure if I'll be able to be online much until the new year. This is the shortest Pytheas story at under 18,000 words, but I felt that I did not need to draw it out. I'm looking forward to writing the next story.
  6. I am currently working on my own original novel, and I will revisit this series once I get a definite plot for 1x08 worked out, though I am also waiting to see what DarKush does with the Monarch's crew, to see how that plays into everything. I'm around.
  7. I'm still using the wiki timeline. It was a great help for me using Indy in my stories.
  8. I meant October/November 2378. I like the idea of using the Panama City.
  9. Cool, might add one of these to my forthcoming Border Banshee series which takes place in October/November 2377. Which one is likely to be completed by then?
  10. Hello? Hello? Oh crap! *Dodges tumbleweed* Looking forward to Capt. Forrester...
  11. DarKush, is there somewhere I can pick up all your stories to upload onto my eReader? I'd like to get reading them.
  12. CeJay, where's the revision for Eternal Flame? I was hoping to download it to my eReader so I have time to read it. Tempus Fugit was a nice piece of work, but it was so long since I read it, thought I would do so again...and now waiting for number two in the series.
  13. The series has now been completely rewritten and 1x05 Fragments of Control is almost finished. See below for future stories This will be followed by 1x06 The Art of War, where the Cha'lav attack Starbase 535 and the sector bands together to drive off the threat. Following these events, 1x07 Broken Bridges sees the senior crew help Captain Astar in her Zhian'tara ritual and head into Xindi space to try and mend fences while the Pytheas undergoes major repairs. In 1x08 Trials at Home, Astar faces a court martial for her actions in the mirror universe, while the new first officer has to gel with the crew and break in some new recruits before the Pytheas goes her shakedown cruise. But in 1x09 Shakedown the ship seems to have developed a personality problem and the crew must fix it before their return to Utopia Planitia or the shipyard will its destruction. With the shakedown cruise over in 1x10 Back in the Saddle, the crew of the Pytheas are ready to get back to their mission of tracking down Parker's blood-sister who is hiding out somewhere in the Delta Quadrant, but first they must stop in at Star Station Kilo, formerly Starbase 535 and now under the aegis of the Starfleet Border Service, to get their official orders from Admiral Gunderson, but she asks for their help in finding the USS Banshee, one of her ships has vanished and the crew know this area of space better than anyone. Look back for more later....
  14. Gentlemen, I have created a new series which is set in the immediate post-war era, like most of your stories. It is set aboard the refit Ambassador-class ship USS Stonehouse. Keep an eye out here for further updates.
  15. September 23, 2008 Dauntless 1x05 is underway and chapter one will be up before the end of the week. In other news, The Border Banshee series bible is coming along and I will have the first blurb ready soon. The Border Banshee 01 will overlap with Dauntless 2x01, kind of like a two-part crossover.
  16. My vote goes to Cui Bono. I'd like to see what became of this storyline, since it was never really followed up.
  17. Since everything's been lost, I'll just say welcome to the Dauntless forum. Feel free to ask about any aspect of the series and I'll be posting some special information in the forum soon.
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