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  1. Well, since it's been a while....I'm re-reading "Embers." Wish there was an e-reader version of it so I could take it where I don't have net access.
  2. Thank you for the warm re-reception. I am going to be doing some reading! Starting with the written part of "Recovery," to reacquaint myself with the cgaracters and story. It's amazing how many of the little details have faded, despute having a pretty good sense of where the story was going.
  3. SIX year absence? Seriously..What was I thinking.
  4. Welcome to the group. And if I may say so, welcome to the group.
  5. Back ages ago, I remember that a shared chronology of sorts showed up that referenced as near as possible dates of the various stories in the various series for United Trek Authors at the time. Is there a current incarnation available or can anyone at least point me to the original. I am sorry I don't remember who put in all the slogging.... And I'd really like to see it again to get me more grounded in our universe.
  6. Just wondering...If any of you who read the Shepard postings of mine on the Trek BBS. Should I post continuation in the "alpha read" section? I plan on continuing to post it as a serial story, due to other writing and real life time considerations. Thanks for keeping me along even though I haven't been that active. Dulak