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  1. No you're absolutely right. I messed up in my recall of certain character. Damn who I thought they were! LOL. Again, great quiz.
  2. Awesome quiz. But I'm stumped as to which of the characters has not been time displaced because I've figured them all to be in one story or another.
  3. Wow. Really? I am sad to see this development. Obviously, you have to do what feels best for you CeJay but I am going to miss your stories. I hope the hiatus does you a lot of good. I'll be a little bit selfish and hope to myself that the hiatus is not too long but you take the time you need CeJay and do good with the time away.
  4. ^ And said entry has just won the TrekBBS challenge Darkush. Congrats!
  5. The great joy of reading all of the various UT series/authors is seeing how you populate your stories with each other's characters. I've read many of the stories and am constantly amazed at how you manage to juggle all of that, do great characterisation of your own and each other's characters. I guess my question, less long winded, is which UT characters would you like to use but haven't had the opportunity to do so yet? Likewise with canon characters, which would like the opportunity to use, but haven't had the opportunity [or say in the case of ENT characters - can't because of the era] to use in a story with your own characters?
  6. Heya UT authors. Just a general question I was curious about. Actually several questions. Mere speculative purposes and nothing more. I wondered firstly, considering the number of canon characters that have appeared throughout the UT universe with some taken on as UT characters, I wanted to know are there any canon characters - main characters, recurring characters, or guest characters - that you would love to write into one of your stories? Are there some you wouldn't mind writing with but their setting in canon precludes it, etc? Are there any canon characters you wouldn't touch with a barge pole? Then lastly, about the UT universe characters themselves. You have shared them around a fair bit between the various series and authors. Are there any of the UT characters from a different author you'd like to write into a story of your own but the circumstances thus far have denied that chance or certain character developments [for eg.: they ended up a deader!] have made it impossible for you to do so. And are there any UT characters, given how intimidating some of them are, you have steered cleared of writing for whatever purposes?
  7. Kudos on the web design. Really don't know how you do all that! So huzzah!
  8. All the sinners saints was indeed a long ride but it was thrilling and a great piece of story telling and character usage. It became quite a leviathan but as a reader it was certainly worth it. Looking forwards to what ever else is in the pipeline.
  9. Tempus Fugit for me. Symbolic and a strong cover. Eternal flame I like the idea but the flames are a little too much in the first and not quite enough in the second. And Cry Havoc too dominated [4] by other fonts and [5] the Jem'Hadar not imposing enough.
  10. Wayhay! A new story - on the way at least. I can appreciate you wanting to write it from a different perspective as a writer but just to let you know as a reader I'm more than happy with the way you pull your twists and weave your tales. It did however, strike me as I read what you posted to do what CeJay then said, to write it from Easton's POV and how he views the Indy's captain, XO and crew and perhaps explore the ship from his outsider stance giving not so much a lower decks perspective but a visitor's. And of course, we the audience will be wondering about his observations and motivations. And as for Section 31 involvement, the fact their pursuers are cloaked means to say you actually don't need them to show up but give us a submarine type feel of being hunted by an unknown enemy - unlike Romulans, etc crew don't know if they can circumvent S31 shields, and keep looking over shoulder, building paranoia and tensions among the crew and all without the slightest whiff of an enemy. A sort of bottle ship episode.
  11. It's strange because you think when something is done and dusted you'll have the time. But somehow, it never does turn out that way! Anyway, good luck on the sitting down to write front. It can be really slow and even painful getting it started. And annoying as it is, sometimes the only way to do it is to actually sit down and write. Sadly, if like myself, it doesn't take for too long, especially if other concerns come along. But best of luck. I would add you shouldn't worry about having a crisis of confidence. The other guys on this site wouldn't let you in if you weren't great and people wouldn't be eagerly awaiting Kieran's arrival if there were any faults to be found. Best of luck again.
  12. MDg those are great renders. Don't know how you do it. Well done anyway.
  13. Highly anticipating your crossover with Michael. 8) Wish you both the best of luck with that. And of course finding your muse again for Gravity ... you know it'll be in the last place you look! ;D
  14. Writer's block! That's no excuse! > . Senior Essay? Well fair enough. I'm sure I won't be disappointed come the time. Obvious that you want to it right and take some time, pride and effort in your work. So again the best of luck. I'll stick by like a fly in tar.
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