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  1. mdgarcia

    Forums Updated

    We're now running on v4.3.6 of IPS, and the theme was updated to utilize the new version. MDg
  2. mdgarcia

    Original Work now up at Amazon

    Congratulations! MDg
  3. mdgarcia

    hello everyone

    Welcome! Thanks for dropping by and saying hi! MDg
  4. mdgarcia


    I am, indeed. MDg
  5. mdgarcia


    Thanks @Piotr Mierzejewski! I'll be posting a quick preview from the first chapter here next week. MDg
  6. mdgarcia


    Well, all you need to do is tag @Gibraltar is a post and it'll email him. MDg
  7. mdgarcia


    So, obviously we got caught up in the editing phase, and then life happened. I changed jobs and AJ's life has changed significantly since then. But we've been talking about finishing this thing and getting it out there for everyone to read MDg
  8. mdgarcia

    Status Updates

    Reread the stories and the reviews you received. Sometimes that old encouragement is helpful to getting your warp core back online and powering the ol' coils. MDg
  9. mdgarcia

    Long Time No See

    Sorry I didn't see this until now, but we're really glad to have you back! I just suffered a close loss, myself, so I grieve with thee. MDg
  10. We don't really house fiction here on the forums. I highly recommend that you submit this to the Ad Astra Star Trek Fanfiction Archive at http://www.adastrafanfic.com Thanks! MDg
  11. mdgarcia


    It will be published at Ad Astra, alongside all of our other works. MDg
  12. mdgarcia


    We've just finished writing the first novel, and we're in the editing phase, now MDg
  13. mdgarcia


    Yep! We're in the middle of writing the final chapters of the first Indie story! MDg
  14. mdgarcia

    Forum Upgraded to IPS v4

    As you can see, we've upgraded the forum site to version 4.x of the IPS software. The normal skin no longer works, so we'll be using the default skin for a little while until I can find a suitable one for this version. Enjoy! MDg
  15. mdgarcia

    Dark Territory Updates

    Congratulations on completing "The Hidden Dagger," DarKush MDg