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  1. Just posted the first part of the new Perseus story, Ghosts at Trek BBS
  2. I just posted the latest part of Blood Cries on the Trek BBS: https://www.trekbbs.com/threads/sutherland-lexington-blood-cries.293798/
  3. I've begun posting the final polished portions of Blood Cries. It's still got a long way to go, but I've got over 200 pages done now, so, I want to start putting it up.
  4. I've just finished revising and updating Shore Leave, the final parts are up on the Trek BBS. Next up will be Ties that Bind
  5. Not a problem I hope one day we get to see more Bluefin tales--I'd love to see where you take Maya, Nigel, Inga, and the rest of the good ship Bluefin. Besides, The Commissar needs some new young faces to terrorize.
  6. Got to admit, I had fun writing Vashtee and would like to continue to use her if I may. Boris needs a good operations officer/helmsman for Bellerophon and I figure Vashtee might like a change in scenery for a while. Besides, other than Dr. Vordus, ol' Boris needs to have someone from the Border Service with him.
  7. I've just posted the first part of a new Sutherland/Perseus/Other UT Guests story, Mutatis Mutandis on the Trek BBS: https://www.trekbbs.com/threads/sutherland-perseus-others-mutatis-mutandis.293091/ I'll also be posting on Ad Astra and here on the UT site. I hope everyone enjoys the story.
  8. Son Rise Sun Set is being reposted on the Trek BBS and will also be posted on Ad Astra.
  9. I'm currently revising and updating Shore Leave and posting it on Trek BBS.
  10. I'm currently posting an updated Meet the Lady on the Trek BBS.
  11. I understand where you're coming from Redhshirt. I'm in the process of slowly catching up too. Re-reading old stories does help for me at least--after a while, the characters start talking to me again. I'm glad you're doing well with all that you're dealing with, and, when you're ready and that elusive muse returns, we look forward to reading more of your stories.
  12. Cold Comfort is up the Trek BBS now and I'll have it up on Ad Astra and send it to Cejay for inclusion here as well. Hope everyone enjoys it.
  13. Just posted Absent Friends up on Trek BBS and will get it up on Ad Astra probably tomorrow. I've cleaned up grammatical errors and have added some new stuff, so Cejay, I'll send you over a .docx attachment tomorrow as well. Cold Comfort should be up in a day or so as well. Feels good to be writing again.
  14. This is one helluva an epic you've got going. I'm really enjoying not just the scope, but also the characterizations: Edison, Taman/Vashta, Marcella, Penda Dryer and so many more. Strong plot involving not just a wide span in years, but also time travel, multiple universes and dimensions. Great stuff
  15. The first new Sutherland Plebe Year is up now as a downloadable .pdf file through the link here and on Trek BBS and Ad Astra. It looks a little bit at Liz's childhood and at her freshman year at the Academy.
  16. Here's one of the links CeJay: http://stareagleadventures.com/UnitedTrek/Dark_Territory/Staring_Into_the_Abyss.pdf   it seems that all the links to the pdfs are down as I tried mine and LoneRedShirt's as well.

    Do you think Plebe Year's ready to roll out on Trek BBS and Ad Astra yet?  

    1. Cejay


      Really odd, all the links including this one are working perfectly fine for me. Not sure what's wrong.

      And yeah, forgot to say, I really like the new content for Plebe Year. I usually try to update the website with new stories. If you email me you story as a Word doc I can turn it into a PDF and add it there too.

    2. David Falkayn

      David Falkayn

      Thanks, CeJay.  I'll email the story to you, I'm probably going to roll it out tonight after "Flash". on the tube.  As regards the link, I'm not sure what's going on.  I tried it with both Edge and Chrome and I'm still getting this on my screen and I'v been getting it with the other sites too: 

      The webpage athttp://www.stareagleadventures.com/UnitedTrek/Sutherland/Ties_That_Bind.pdfmight be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

  17. Is Stareagleadventures.com down CeJay?  I've been browsing through some of the stories and I get a dead link page.

    1. Cejay


      Seems to work fine for me. Maybe a broken link somewhere. If you come across one let me know where or the URL and I'll try to fix it. In the meantime you should be able to reach the site by going directly to stareagleadventures.com

  18. I'm re-editing and reposting Shakedown Cruise on the Trek BBS, I'll also be revising to bring these stories more in United Trek continuity as I go along. I've also revised and re-edited Unraveling Forceful Patterns at Ad Astra.
  19. Hey, CeJay, I'm planning on introducing Michael Owens in a scene where Liz tells Jadzia that she turned down an invite to join Nova Squadron because she dislikes and distrusts elite groups.. I figure Michael might agree with her on this.  I'm not wanting to play their relationship at this time as being adversarial or confrontational.  If anything, the two probably would get along pretty well with each other at this stage of their relationship.  Liz's hedonistic and sensualist side is just now being formed and in many ways, they agree as to the purpose of Starfleet.  I don't really see any tensions developing between the two until after Liz stabs Erika in the back.  So...what do you think?

    1. Cejay


      Sounds good, I'd say go for it.

  20. It's been a long time since I've posted and seen most of you, but some big things happened in my life that I should tell you about which explains why you haven't heard from me and why I haven't been writing. First, my mother suffered from Alzheimer's through most of the 2010's. As her condition worsened, I had to take on a greater role as caregiver until I and my family could no longer give her the proper care she needed and we had to place her in extended care. Me and my mother were very close and when she passed away in 2015, I spiraled down into a very deep and dark depression where I didn't really so much live, as exist. It was a very dark and painful time for me and really only recently ended. Last year at about this time, I passed out during a cardiac stress test and was rushed to the hospital where they had to perform a double coronary bypass and had a heart valve replaced. They had to perform surgery on me twice as they had to stop some internal bleeding. I nearly didn't make it through. It took me the better part of 2017 to recover from my surgery, but during that time, thanks to the love of family and friends, I got better. Now, I've dropped 70 pounds from last year and my depression is history. I've come to terms with the loss of my mother and I've found that my creative energies have been restored. If my friends at United Trek would have me back, I'd love to finish the stories I'm doing. Right now, I'm working on "Blood Cries" and I think everyone will like the ending of that story. I look forward to reading and sharing with everyone once again and to those who enjoyed reading about our wayward captain Liz and all her friends, well, if you'll have me, she's baaaaaack!
  21. I just caught up with the latest chapter DK. Nicely done. I think you did a good job capturing the more seasoned and mature Shelby here. She'll wait and bide her time for now--Hobson, Rodenko, Bateson, her grandfather and the war have seasoned her quite a bit. However, once she finds her opening, I pity Grace and especially Laxx...
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