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  1. Since the USS Bluefin patrols the borderland near Klingon and Orion space, I thought I'd provide a list of Orion terms I have used/may use in future stories. Feel free to use or add any for stories set in the United Trek universe. A brief glossary of Orion terms - Ah'met - 'Captain,' 'Leader' or 'Prince,' literally - Supreme. (Credit goes to Gibraltar for this one.) Ah'met-sur - Syndicate clan leader. 'Lord.' Literally - 'Grand Supreme.' Ahm’suka - term of respect for an elder, literally - 'Wise head.' Met'mat - Father Met'Sando - Adoptive father, literally - 'Near-father' Met'Chan - Mother Jih'mat - brother or male cousin Leh'mhin - sister or female cousin Chadoi - daughter Mehk - son Moi - child J'moi - children H'lajmoi - abandoned children, orphans Sundija - Orions not part of a Syndicate clan - basically serfs in a feudal system. Literally - 'Under-people' Sundrik - Non-Orion Slave Ah'm'sund'rikan - Slave master Hri'gun - rodent Vuut - an insult, roughly equivalent to 'fool' or 'idiot.' Slis'pul - a derogatory term, roughly equivalent to S.O.B. Kima - measurement of time, roughly one second Mekima - measurement of time, roughly one minute Jul - measurement of time, roughly one hour Slarndra - derogatory term for a red Orion (used by green Orions). Slis'jaka - an extremely vulgar term, worse than Slis'pul. Kleemat - a unit of measure, slightly longer than a kilometer Teuurn - Human Met'nahl - Clan or family Met'lorhalan - Syndicate Nal'klisa - bond sum to free a child of age from service with the syndicate, literally - 'free ransom.' V'ores'sur - Verex III - Orion homeworld - 'Place of the Clan.' V'ores'katul - Verex IV - the 'Place of no Souls' - the outcast planet shunned by the Syndicate. V'ores'dur - Orion afterlife, Hell. Shen'lur - Starship Klihn - Klingon Ah'njor - Andorian Tehl'rul - Tellarite Vuhlka - Vulcan Isha - Yes Ru - No Jeh - Go Nuh - Stop, Wait Reht - Obey Kehf - Hot beverage (coffee, raktajino) C'hav - Wound, injure C'hur - Kill Fet'jun - 'Federation' or 'Starfleet' R’uulk - Romulan Fehn'gur - Ferengi Kahrd'sa - Cardassian Grehlt - Monetary unit - coin, slip, credit, etc. J'Grehlt - Money, loot, treasure Lin'hur - Fight, struggle, combat Ser'chaan – Weapon, Phaser, Disruptor L’hak – Blade, knife
  2. Ships of the Border Service, circa 2377

    Michael, I get a 404 error from the Larson-class link. If it's the class with the single nacelle connected to the hull by two pylons, that will be fine.
  3. Ships of the Border Service, circa 2377

    Yes, I think the Chandley-class would work.
  4. Ships of the Border Service, circa 2377

    Great! Thanks, Michael.
  5. Irons in the Fire

    Thank you! Very kind of you to say so. Hopefully, there will be more Bluefin stories in the future. Currently my focus is on the 23rd century Four Years War between the Klingons and the Federation.
  6. Irons in the Fire

    Chapter 12 of "Trajectory" is posted on the TrekBBS
  7. Irons in the Fire

    Chapter 11 of "Trajectory" is up on the TreBBS.
  8. Irons in the Fire

    Chapter 10 of "Trajectory" is up on the TrekBBS. I figure at this rate of one chapter per year I'll be done by 2035. No point rushing things.
  9. United Trek Quiz

    I got two right and now I'm "1st of one." Apparently I was assimilated into the Borg collective.
  10. Irons in the Fire

    Chapters 2 -4 of "Gold-Plated Trouble" are up on the TrekBBS.
  11. Irons in the Fire

    Chapter 1 of a new series - Rock Jockeys: "Gold-Plated Trouble" - is up on the TrekBBS. Chapter 10 of "Trajectory" is in process.
  12. Irons in the Fire

    Chapter 9 of "Trajectory" is up on the TrekBBS.
  13. Irons in the Fire

    After a year's hiatus from writing, I'm getting back in the pool (the shallow end for now) with a new chapter of Trajectory posted to the TrekBBS. Life circumstances have improved to the point I'm mentally and physically ready to do some more writing. I still don't know if there will be future "Tales of the USS Bluefin" stories following Trajectory. But I have learned - never say never.
  14. Irons in the Fire

  15. Thanks! - could be. Like you, it's been years since I read the book in question. I'm fuzzy on the story line but as I recall the female captain and her Border Patrol crew were a scruffy bunch - their uniforms were a hodge-podge of fleet issue and customized bits, plus they were armed with phasers, disruptors, swords, etc. They seemed almost like pirates, except they were the 'good guys,' patrolling the Romulan Neutral Zone. I'll have to see if I can find a copy of "The Entropy Effect" through Amazon. Captain Hunter sounds familiar.