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    Since the USS Bluefin patrols the borderland near Klingon and Orion space, I thought I'd provide a list of Orion terms I have used/may use in future stories. Feel free to use or add any for stories set in the United Trek universe.
    A brief glossary of Orion terms -

    Ah'met - 'Captain,' 'Leader' or 'Prince,' literally - Supreme. (Credit goes to Gibraltar for this one.)
    Ah'met-sur - Syndicate clan leader. 'Lord.' Literally - 'Grand Supreme.'
    Ahm’suka - term of respect for an elder, literally - 'Wise head.'
    Met'mat - Father
    Met'Sando - Adoptive father, literally - 'Near-father'
    Met'Chan - Mother
    Jih'mat - brother or male cousin
    Leh'mhin - sister or female cousin
    Chadoi - daughter
    Mehk - son
    Moi - child
    J'moi - children
    H'lajmoi - abandoned children, orphans
    Sundija - Orions not part of a Syndicate clan - basically serfs in a feudal system. Literally - 'Under-people'
    Sundrik - Non-Orion Slave
    Ah'm'sund'rikan - Slave master
    Hri'gun - rodent
    Vuut - an insult, roughly equivalent to 'fool' or 'idiot.'
    Slis'pul - a derogatory term, roughly equivalent to S.O.B.
    Kima - measurement of time, roughly one second
    Mekima - measurement of time, roughly one minute
    Jul - measurement of time, roughly one hour
    Slarndra - derogatory term for a red Orion (used by green Orions).
    Slis'jaka - an extremely vulgar term, worse than Slis'pul.
    Kleemat - a unit of measure, slightly longer than a kilometer
    Teuurn - Human
    Met'nahl - Clan or family
    Met'lorhalan - Syndicate
    Nal'klisa - bond sum to free a child of age from service with the syndicate, literally - 'free ransom.'
    V'ores'sur - Verex III - Orion homeworld - 'Place of the Clan.'
    V'ores'katul - Verex IV - the 'Place of no Souls' - the outcast planet shunned by the Syndicate.
    V'ores'dur - Orion afterlife, Hell.
    Shen'lur - Starship
    Klihn - Klingon
    Ah'njor - Andorian
    Tehl'rul - Tellarite
    Vuhlka - Vulcan
    Isha - Yes
    Ru - No
    Jeh - Go
    Nuh - Stop, Wait
    Reht - Obey
    Kehf - Hot beverage (coffee, raktajino)
    C'hav - Wound, injure
    C'hur - Kill
    Fet'jun - 'Federation' or 'Starfleet'
    R’uulk - Romulan
    Fehn'gur - Ferengi
    Kahrd'sa - Cardassian
    Grehlt - Monetary unit - coin, slip, credit, etc.
    J'Grehlt - Money, loot, treasure
    Lin'hur - Fight, struggle, combat
    Ser'chaan – Weapon, Phaser, Disruptor
    L’hak – Blade, knife
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