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  1. Fantastic to see Star Eagle Adventures return! ;D
  2. Thanks DK for the new stories! I'll definitely read up on them both! ;D
  3. Hey Darkush, Great story thus far with a fair amount of twists that include Elizabeth Shelby being relieved as the Sutherland's CO by Cn'C of Starfleet Adm. 'Grace'! Obstinately for a rescue mission of the Cardassian's premier's daughter. It should be interesting to see what happens..... ;D Keep up the fantastic work! ;D BSG-Phoenix
  4. Wow! Excellent pic of the Gibraltar's previous XO Liana Ramirez! Anyone up for doing a pic of Cmdr. T'Ser next? ;D
  5. Fantastic MDG, I'll definitely go and read your next exciting chapter to the Full Speed saga and crew of the Farragut! 8)
  6. Fantastic Sam! Another story that I can read and critique! ;D As always its good to see that the Constitution class can still be shine to those who share a nostalgic longing for the 'good old times' being explorers and roaming the frontier where no one has gone before! 8) BSG Phoenix
  7. Afternoon Sam, I was rereading the Gibraltar series and noticed that you have a young ensign carrying my RL's last name... Umm was this a slight tip of the hat to me for enjoying all of the wonderful tales? BSG-Phoenix
  8. Good Darkush, All have to say is fantastic series about Terrance Glover, the diligent crew of Chuffe, and few tales regarding his father Adm. Samson Glover and his mother Deitra Glover who were assimilated by the Borg in 2363 whiling serving as XO of the USS Tombaugh. 8)
  9. Afternoon D'noth First off great series about another starship that served during the Dominion War and its problems with the elusive Section 31. Wonderful and believable characters but surprised that Captain Sintina Aurelia has no love life or significant other since her short tenure as a CO.... In all keep up the fantastic stories! ;D
  10. Well I'll have to say is that it is good to see the Deltan race back in Starfleet even with the restrictions that they have chosen to deal with issues of recreation and relaxation. All in all a good officer to help out in a jam during an away mission....
  11. Morning Sam, I had a chance to read a few of your stories and found them just as exciting as the others done on UT! Great job and I look forward to reading up on the rest! ;D BSG-Phoenix
  12. Evening David, I finally managed to reread Shoreleave the second story involving the intrepid and wily crew of the Sutherland! I found it wonderful and actually great to have still in the 24th century a good old fashion bar brawl! I had been there I helped out giving a few good solid punches to Captain Kā€™Temoc (The Emissary )TNG. I also would have probably wolf whistled at Ensign Angela 'Treasure' Barrows well endowed rack when she showed them off! :-X
  13. Evening Cejay, I finally got to read your first three stories regarding the Eagle and her crew. Fantastic story telling and full of surprising twisting turns and spirals! I look forward reading more in the coming years! ;D
  14. Afternoon David, I read the first Suthy adventure and found it simply and excellent story of showing how a crew must be ready for any conditions be it diplomatic conferences, nebula surveys, or hostile attacks by those who simply do not like the Federation. Those being the Cardassians, Romulans, or other races that wish to claim the surrounding outlying systems that simply can not always be protected by Starfleet. I'm going on the read the rest of the stories and give you an honest opinion on them. ;D So keep up the good and wonderful story telling! BSG-Phoenix
  15. Great renderings of a nebula class starship especially one commanded by Captain Leone!
  16. Thanks MDG and D'noth for the warm welcomes! ;D I was wondering about the current ranks being enlisted and officer, Umm what about the flag ranks being: Fleet Captain, Commodore (title) now being Rear Admiral(lower half one gold pip inside a tiny gold and black box) Rear Admiral (upper half two gold pips inside a black and gold box) Vice Admiral(Three gold pips inside a black and gold box), Admiral (four gold pips inside a black and gold box)and Fleet Admiral (five gold pips gold pips inside a black and gold box). Are they awarded like SCR's Special Character Ranks similar to Lord of the Rings Fanatics Forums? Which you can find me under Hallas C. Pehwarin there! 8)
  17. Morning Brother Benny, I new and trying to read all of the exciting stories that the UT site has since I'm a Trekkie and enthralled with great science fiction series such as Star Trek(all series and movies), Battlestar Galactica (re- imaged staring Edward James Olmos as Commander/later Admiral William Adama and Mary McDonnell as Laura Roslin President of Twelve Colonies of Kobol,and other notable actors and actresses. ;D Umm, could you be kind enough to direct me a link to your own stories or short films please. ;D
  18. I found another series to keep my eyes out for that is Star Trek: Perseus! David you have done a fantastic job and one day I hope that us Trekkies can film it for some good adventures in the ST universe! As to your first mission I always did wonder what happened to Roman civilization on 892 after Bread and Circuses now I know! Keep up the wonderful and exciting stories because I might wish to create a future me set in the ST Universe along with my Dad who has gotten to watch all of the series from Original to Current Star Trek Movie(2009)! ;D
  19. Morning David, I have to say is excellent work on your latest series of stories regarding the intrepid class starship Perseus and its crew some from your fantastic Sutherland adventures. Umm, any change of doing a few with Shelby and her tenure during the Dominion War?
  20. Its good to see Elizabeth's former XO Christopher Hobson receive his forth pip and a solid command like the Perseus, an Intrepid class cruiser whose primary mission was exploration and science related tasks! I look forward to more stories about its crew including Angela"Treasure" Barrows!
  21. Morning Galen4 I have read your story about the Intrepid, fantastic work about a story set during the high-time of the Dominion War. I hope to read more of your thrilling tales as they come out! ;D
  22. Indeed I too look forward to reading more about Captain Forrester and his adventures! 8)
  23. Afternoon Dulak I was wondering if you could email your site where your stories are at since I can't seem to get to them at the moment I keep timing out on the net. :-[
  24. Its great to see another of James T. Kirk's old friends become known to those in the expanded ST universe. Besides the stories of the Lexington are nearly equal at least to me with the adventures of the USS Enterprise! 8)
  25. Well I have finally read the first story "Meet the Lady" It was fantastic to see another proud Constitution ship like the Lexington enjoy a voyage under the command of Robert Wesley freshly given junior flag rank of Commodore though in current ST ranks, he would be a Rear Admiral (lower half). Indeed I look forward to reading the rest of the stories about the brave crew of the starship Lexington so keep up the work David Falkayn! ;D
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