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  1. NICE! I really enjoyed that presentation. The colors, the music, and the presentation jived very well together. I can't wait to see what Indefatigable is.
  2. Great work on Independence! Question: Did 'The Toltec' get finished? I thought it was finished. Anyways, I'd vote for 'The Rogue'. I'm a sucker for a good Romulan episonage story.
  3. I like all the characters. I really like the addition of T'Ser from Bluefin. Some of the Gibraltar/Europa senior staff members still seem more like background players than main characters but I like what you do with them when you use them. Great work, Gibraltar.
  4. Interesting. You have a lot of great ideas brewing. Just curious. What is Section 51 and how does it differ from Section 31?
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