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  1. Chapter 5 of The Chains of Error is now posted to Ad Astra. http://adastra.shadowknightonline.com/viewstory.php?sid=232&chapter=6
  2. I was about to start your second tale. Would you recommend I wait for the revised edition?
  3. Just an update for my readers. I've completed posting updated and re-written editions of Embers of the Fire, Geometries of Chance, and Prophets and Loss under the ST: Gibraltar series area on the Ad Astra Trek fanfiction site, located here: http://adastra.shadowknightonline.com/ I'm presently re-posting a newly edited (and polished) version of Backup on Ad Astra. Once I'm completed with that, I'll begin moving over Treacherous Waters from the TrekBBS. Gravity is still on hiatus until such time as I've completed Treacherous Waters and The Chains of Error crossovers.
  4. Welcome, Teri. ;D There's no shortage of quality fanfic to be had here. Don't be afraid to jump in with both feet!
  5. Chapter 27 of Treacherous Waters has now been posted over on the Trek BBS.
  6. To the best of my knowledge, the Star Trek Expanded Universe Wiki is open to any fanfic writers. I’d also suggest posting your stories to the Fan Fiction board on TrekToday’s The Trek BBS, and the Ad Astra Trek Fanfic site.
  7. Unfortunately, United Trek suspended it’s admission of new writers over a year ago, when it was decided that having more than 10 writers would make maintaining continuity in our collective universe too unwieldy. To the best of my knowledge our membership has not revisited that decision recently. If we were to consider expanding our author-base at some point in the future, the following caveats would apply. Any writer petitioning to join the UT would need to present some samples of their work, as the membership would understandably wish to maintain the level of quality we’ve presently established. A prospective writer would also have to be prepared, if accepted, to have their work conform to the ‘canon’ history of the UT universe. That would mean potentially having to re-tool any existing stories being woven into the fabric of the UT universe as well as those written specifically for the UT. You are, of course, always welcome to post fanfiction on our General Fanfiction board, though this material would not be considered part of the UT 'fanon' universe. Please let me know if you have any further questions, - Sam Redfeather, ST: Gibraltar
  8. Chapter 4 of The Chains of Error has now been posted over on Ad Astra.
  9. I'd had this thread opened on our old BBS, but seeing as a lot has changed since then in my storyline I thought I'd put this out again for comment. Who are your favorite Gibraltar series characters, and why? Conversely, who are your least favorite Gibraltar characters, and why? These don't necessarily need to be regular 'cast' characters, they could also be those folks who show up from time to time with any regularity. Be honest, I've got thick skin. ;D
  10. Chapter 3 of The Chains of Error has now been posted over on Ad Astra. http://adastra.shadowknightonline.com/viewstory.php?sid=232&warning=5
  11. Special thanks to SLWatson and Michael D. Garcia for their phenomenal work on this new and improved cover for The Chains of Error.
  12. Ah, yes, in my excitement I forgot to give thanks to SL Watson as well! Thanks Steff! ;D
  13. And this magnificent piece of work is courtesy Michael D. Garcia. Thanks Mike!!!
  14. Mike Garcia and my collaborative story, The Chains of Error, is now being posted by chapter over on Ad Astra. It's been rated NC-17 for violence and adult themes. http://adastra.shadowknightonline.com/viewstory.php?sid=232&warning=5
  15. Gravity will be going on hiatus for awhile, seeing as though I've hit the big, ugly writer's block wall. Treacherous Waters will continue to it's conclusion, and I'll pick up Gravity at some point in the future when I figure out where I left my keys... and my muse. In the meantime, be on the lookout for the Full Speed Ahead / Gibraltar series crossover from Michael D. Garcia and myself, titled Chains of Error.
  16. You write terrific stuff, Hyperion. Don't sweat it. We'll be here waiting when your muse shows back up.
  17. Good luck with that. I hope the situation improves on the work-front.
  18. I've got a gay character in my Gibraltar series, as do a number of the other UT authors. I figure by the 24th century, gay/lesbian relationships would be less than no big deal.
  19. Uh... and what would any of those have to do with the storyline?
  20. Chapter 26 of Treacherous Waters is now up on the TrekBBS fanfic board.
  21. Chapter 4, Part 1 of Gravity has been posted to the TrekBBS fanfic board.
  22. Thank you! However, the thanks really go to SLWatson for editing the story and formatting the book, and to Michael Garcia for the phenomenal cover art. ;D
  23. My story Embers of the Fire has been selected as one of the offerings for Day 11 of The Twelve Trek Days of Christmas 2008. SLWatson was kind enough to put the story into eBook format for me. Thanks Steph! ;D http://www.twerponline.net/12days2008/home.html
  24. Thanks for the kind words, Kirok! I'm looking forward to seeing Embers of the Fire as one of the offerings for the Twelve Days of Christmas. ;D I'm grateful to have been selected as one of the contributing authors.
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