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  1. Yeah, I guessed. But that's no guarantee that there won't be a riot. ;D
  2. That's what happens when you go sucking out people's brains through a straw.
  3. Cool. Are we getting some new emoticons?
  4. I was thinking more of breaking their browser.
  5. Too bad I couldn't vote for them all. I love the crew dynamic you've set up with this series. I was a little sad to see the crew split up, though, with the introduction of Perseus. But they're both good crews and both make for good reading. But if I had to name favorites, it would have to be Messages From Earth and its sequel Picking Up the Pieces. Both expand on the events that occurred and show the further ramification of Leyton's misguided actions. One thing that DS9 didn't show, that I'm glad you touched on, David, was the death toll. With a complete planetary powerloss there were bound to be deaths, and it was shocking to read about two children dying in a transporter malfunction. But it was completely believable.
  6. Gee, I wonder why... ;D Maybe we should go back and explain it to them.
  7. Nice! Can't wait to finish Treacherous Waters. Sure would fill in a lot of gaps in between. No pressure, though. ;D
  8. Anyone want to vote for Ciu Bono? At least then we'd have an even tie. ;D
  9. Um... I didn't understand half of what you just said. :-\ But I do get that you couldn't transfer all the old posts. Thanks for fighting for the old forum, though. Hope you didn't get your ear bit off.
  10. I've been doing my best catching up with the United Trek series. I've just completed Independence and finished reading the latest installment of For the Empire. I'm reallying enjoying this series. Aurelia and Bin Nadal are two terrific characters. Shame all ST incarnations didn't have more of a multinational cast. Anyway, out of all the ideas you presented, The Rogue sound like it would make for a great story. One that I would love to see. It would also be great to see the Philly again. Collins is a great adversary. A psychopath in command of a Sovereign makes for great potential conflict.
  11. Wow! I'm very impressed with the new forum. Michael, you've done a terrific job setting up the new site. I also appreciate you fixing the little issue that prevented me from joining here. I was starting to think that I hadn't even had anything to drink and you were already cutting me off! ;D Anyway, this is a great forum and I'm looking forward to spending more time here. One question, though. Will any of the threads from the old forum be transfered to the new one?
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