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  1. Hey guys, I no longer have reliable internet access. I'm sorry for my complete absence. I don't know when or if I'll return to writting. Thanks for keeping UT alive. D'noth
  2. I've been away from writing for awhile. "Toltec" was finished. You should be able to find it on TrekBBS. "Rogue" became "Under the Raptor's Wings" It is also posted. Thank you for reading!
  3. Ok, I'm making my way through the stories I've missed and I'm attempting to update the wiki as I read. Right now, I'm working on Bry _Sinclair's "Silverfin" stories. I intend to get to everyone's and get caught up. Luckily, I currently have plenty of time on my hands and I'm feelin' the UT groove again. I will hopefully start working on "Nadir" again soon.
  4. Thank you both. I'd like to get caught up and read the recent additions to UT. It I just do a search for forums started by you at TrekBBS, will I find everything or do I need to go to Ad Astra now? I'd also like to try to update the wiki - http://wiki.unitedtrek.org/ - for all of us (man, will that be a job. :-\)
  5. Wow, I can't believe I've not been around for over a year. My life has definitely slowed down (due to state budget cuts), but I can't say I'm feeling very creative either. I just wanted to stop in and see how things were doing around here. I don't know if I'll start writing again or not. I'm also a year behind the times in the UT universe. Sorry for the lack of communication. I just kinda fell off a cliff and lost all motivation to write. I do apologize for falling off the face of the Earth. That wasn't very considerate to the rest of you. Thanks to all you guys for allowing me in the UT universe. It was a lot of fun. I loved it. I may be back, I'm not sure. Assuming, of course, there is an open invitation to return in the first place. Again, thanks for the experience people.
  6. I left a comment at Ad Astra. Will there be more to this story, or will you leave it there?
  7. Why thank you very much! I guess I've been writing for about 5 years now. I had no experience and it has definitely been a learning experience. Luckily, I was able to find a very supportive group of people to work with and learn from. Thank you for taking the time to read our stories. ...Oh, and about Sintina's lack of a love interest, that will be changing probably in the next story.
  8. Welcome and thanks for reading!
  9. I whole-heartedly agree with the above comments. I certainly endorse the idea of writing only as long as it brings joy; not obligation. Thank you so much for your contribution, thus far, to our universe.
  10. I'm caught up on most people, with notable exceptions. It's my Christmas wish to have a full handle on what's going on in our universe. You made my drool a bit with your pulled pork comment.
  11. There have been several instances where one author's characters were 'adopted' by other authors. Sam's Jonin Faltyne, for example. He was introduced in his first story, then Jonin was used used in a Dark Territory's story, now Jonin's a part of my crew. I agree that's what makes our group great. As long as there is a mutual respect between authors, I love it. It's just sometimes hard to keep up with everybody. :-\ I'm guilty of bringing canon characters maybe too often, but that's what makes writing fan fiction fun; to be able to 'play' around with those characters we all know and love...or loath. I don't shy away from it, but I like to use those canon main characters as 'guest stars' in my stories.
  12. Ok, now that I'm back in the saddle, here are my plans for the next few months of 2377: 2377 By the end of "Cui Bono," the Indy will be at spacedock for a couple of months. Since Starfleet can't afford to have a crew be idle, some are temporarily reassigned. The next story "Nadir" will see them begin to be split up. Here are the ones I've decided on already... Aurellia: She is placed on 'administrative leave.' And catches up with Ro Laren...I'll leave it at that for now. :-X Bin Nadal: He gets assigned to his old job in SI. I'm not sure the plot he will be involved in. Any ideas? Kimula: She's sent to Earth to help out on the Pathfinder Project to communicate with Voyager. Windslow: I haven't decided. Faltyne: I don't know yet. Zo'Kama: She tries to return to the Vuke to continue to help them with their plague. Command doesn't want her to return to help them, but she's determined. Tang: I don't know. Weston: BrotherBenny wants him by 2378, but I don't know what to do with him between now and then. Everything has to be 'back to normal' by May of 2378 - When I believe BrotherBenny's "Burning Ring of Fire" takes place. If any of these crew members inspire a crossover story in you, by all means let me know. I'd be happy to oblige.
  13. First off, thanks for your interest in our stories. As for where to start reading...that is a tough one. Your technique for deciding sounds fine. ;D Once upon a time, we had a time line. But I doubt it's accurate anymore.
  14. Hello All. Just doing my quarterly check in. : Having a full time job and being a home owner (albeit at small home) certainly consumes a lot of time. I'm not going to complain too loud, however, I know there are several people out there how would love to have those problems. Anyway, I haven't been productive at all. I just wanted to see what up around here. If Paramount calls wanting to do a new series based on our crews, don't forget to call. I'll be around later. Thanks guys!
  15. I'm just popping my head in to say, I regret not being more active lately. My job and other issues are consuming most of my time, lately. (Though, if the State of Illinois continues to not pay their bills, my schedule might open up significantly. :-\) But I'll be around here and there. Thanks guys.
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