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David Falkayn

Son Rise Sun Set

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Here's the spot if you'd like to talk about the first mission of the Perseus.  One of my favorite things to do as a writer of Star Trek fan fiction is to take certain episodes and explore the possible ramifications that might have occurred after Kirk, Picard, Janeway, or Archer and their people beamed back aboard their ships and warped away.  In this instance I imagined what might have happened after the events of "Bread and Circuses"...

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I found another series to keep my eyes out for that is Star Trek: Perseus! David you have done a fantastic job and one day I hope that us Trekkies can film it for some good adventures in the ST universe! As to your first mission I always did wonder what happened to Roman civilization on 892 after Bread and Circuses now I know! Keep up the wonderful and exciting stories because I might wish to create a future me set in the ST Universe along with my Dad who has gotten to watch all of the series from Original to Current Star Trek Movie(2009)! ;D

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