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Ranks FAQ

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Q: What kinds of ranks does this board have?

A: We have two kinds. Member Groups and Post Groups.

Member Groups are defined as non-post groups. These are groups that are generally bestowed in some fashion or determine what kind of role they play in the forum's administration. Here's a quick glance at the Member Group Badges:

utadmin.png - Administrators have 100% control over the forums. They are the only people who have code-level access to the forum software and most likely, shell access to the host it resides on.

utglobalmod.png - Global Moderators are those empowered with the ability to moderate any post in any board on the forum. They also have the ability to add new boards, remove unnecessary boards, and ban members if needed. All moderator actions are logged by the system and reviewed by the Administrators.

utboardmod.png - Moderators are limited to moderating posts within boards designated. They can edit or remove any post within said board. Some moderators may be designated for multiple boards. Moderators are listed on the main forum index. All moderator actions are logged by the system and reviewed by the Administrators.

utwriter.png - A United Trek Author is just that; one of the authors that contribute to the United Trek fanfiction universe. Authors generally moderate boards related to their series, but this group has no special powers/authority on its own.

Post Groups are post count-based groups. The more time you spend on the board posting, the higher your rank will be. As we are a Star Trek-based forum, post groups reflect Starfleet rank insignia. You can check your own profile to see how many posts you need to attain the next highest rank, but I will provide a partial list of the post counts associated with their ranks, here:

Q: I had a higher rank on the old forums. Will I get that rank back?

A: If you PM me with your name on the old forums, I will verify your registered email address and apply the post count to your current one. It will be in addition to, not replacing it. Therefore, if you have 2 posts here, and 113 on the old forum, then you will have 115 posts total, here.

Q: Who created/designed the rank images?

A: The Post Group Starfleet rank insignias on this site were created by Kuro-chan of Kuro-RPG. Please do not copy the images. If you wish to obtain them and an up-to-date copy access the Kuro-RPG Website (click on the big banner below).


The Member Group badges were done by yours truly. :)

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