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The crew of the USS Agamemnon (Akira-class)

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This is an exclusive first peek at the crew of the USS Agamemnon, a starship which appearances in the Star Eagle Adventures and hopefully soon the headliner of a one-shot story.

The Agamemnon and this crew are in service from 2372 until at least 2378.

Commanding Officer

Amaya Donners, Cpt.

Good friend of Michael Owens (with romantic tensions). Young first time captain. Beautiful and sensual, Donners is a good-natured and soft spoken woman who is often underestimated by her enemies and uses this to her advantage. Comes from a long line of Starfleet Border Service officers but chose to join the regular fleet instead, much to the irritation of her family. Joseph Akinola, Captain of the USS Bluefin, is Amaya's godfather.

Executive Officer

Arden Texx, Lt. Cmdr.

Texx is a pleasant Bolian who doesn't take too much in life serious and yet knows exactly when he has to be. A man who never worked particular hard to get where he is, mostly thanks to a great natural aptitude towards command. Some of his peers find this rather irritating. He has taken the young DeSoto under his wings, as he greatly reminds him of himself. While Texx is determined not to get involved with any crewmembers he has made exceptions with the Andorian Marines officer.

Chief Engineer

R'chen R'chentry R'chuntren R'chellun R'chen ('Chen'), Lt. Cmdr.

A rare sight in Starfleet, this Insectoid Xindi is just 13 years old and asexual. (His species has a life expectancy of about 30 years in the 24th century) Chen whose full name is infinitely longer and mostly unpronounceable in Federation Standard is a busy body with an incredible curiosity for everything new, making him the perfect explorer. While he has gotten used to being around other- radically different-species, he still learns new things every other day.

Chief of Security/Tactical

Lure Mer'iab, Lt.

A tall and no-nonsense Aurelian, Mer'iab is an avian with bright yellow fur and wings. (Yes, he can fly.) Not the most sociable member of the crew, Lure, often clashes with Texx's laid back command style but he is loyal to his ship, crew and of course to the captain.

Operations Manager

Tess Allenby, Lt.

Formerly a helmsman on the Enterprise-D, Allenby is a woman determined to get ahead in life. As such she took a promotion and exchanged her red uniform for a yellow one. As the pretty face on the bridge (and differently to the captain, attainable) she is often the focus of attention, especially from younger officers. However Allenby is too busy to fool around with anyone, or so she claims.

Chief Science Officer

Wayne Daystrom, Lt. j.g.

This handsome young officer is directly related to one of the most famous human scientists of all time, Richard Daystrom. He often struggles with this legacy and the much overlooked fact that the older Daystrom ended up in a mental asylum. As a Daystrom he was destined for greatness and yet has only managed to become a science officer on a starship with a limited scientific purpose. Adding to that a secret admiration for his captain, this young man has plenty on his (broad) shoulders.

Chief Medical Officer

Ssesar-Rass, Lt. j.g

This female Selay Reptilian looks more at home at a zoo than on a starship. She is one of the first of her species to join Starfleet after the Selay joined the Federation. She is a competent doctor with a wide ranging theoretical knowledge of medicine but little practical experience. She is also, unfortunately, entirely clueless about most other species' behaviorisms which leaves her often quite confused. She does her best to try and fit in and is encouraged by R'chen's success to do so.


Robert 'Bobby' DeSoto, Jr, Ens.

Like Daystrom, Bobby DeSoto comes from a well-known and respected family. His father is a near legendary captain. Unlike Daystrom, Bobby has no qualms over his legacy. On the contrary, he hardly takes it seriously. He has maintained an easy relationship with his forgiving father and has never declined the perks that came with his last name. DeSoto is a man who has a lot of growing up to do still. He also better get over that unreciprocated crush on Allenby. He is good friends with Wayne Daystrom and the two along with Tess Allenby and Ssesar-Rass make up the junior circle of the crew and they usually spend time together off duty.



An Ullian telepath, he is a civilian Starfleet advisor and friend of the captains. The two met while Donners worked for Admiral Samson Glover at DS5 before taking command of Agamemnon. The man knows people and not just because he can read their thoughts. A very gentle person, Vej is very much aware of his abilities and is dedicated not to use them unless given permission. Along with Texx, Vej is Donners principle advisor and she relies heavily on him. The two have weekly sessions together in which she keeps no secrets from the counselor.

Marines Commander

Beatiar sh'Fhane, 1stLt.

Is an Andorian female (shen) who displays about as much personality and humor as a Horta. She has a good working relationship with Mer'iab as they share common interests. Security, weapons, tactics. Otherwise she prefers to spend her time with her 80-something strong Marine unit which is stationed on the ship, coming aboard during the Dominion War and being kept on afterwards in a joint security agreement to bolster up the war-weakened crew. sh'Fhane is extremely irritated to have been chosen by Texx as a woman of interest, which at times seems to stem more from a desire to annoy her instead of being romantically motivated.

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