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Dark Territory Story Chronology

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Here is a tentative Dark Territory story chronology (Be advised that it is subject to change). Also, the stories in italics are incomplete or are merely in the concept stage.

DT Story Chronology

1. Family Ties

2. The Most Dangerous Games

3. Last Stand

4. Parasite Eve

5. The Heart of the Matter

6. The Crucible

7. The Needs of the One

8. False Colors

9. Pride Goeth

10. The Good Fight

11. Dust to Dust

12. Divide and Conquer

13. Death Valley

14. Duality

15. Corruption of Blood

16. Dividing Lines

17. Rapture

18. The Valley of Peace

19. Under the Shadows of Swords

20. The Best Revenge

21. Movements in Light and Shadow

22. Objects at Rest

23. Fall Out

24. Objects in Motion

25. Dearest Blood

26. Aftershocks

27. Obscura

28. Mind Games

29. Breaking Points

30. Tangled Webs

31. The Naked Truth

32. Vendettas

33. The Deadliest of the Species

34. Blood for Blood

35. The Needs of the Many

36. Darkest Hour

37. The Cauldron

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Thanks DF. I'm glad this helps Dnoth, and CeJay you've got quite an impressive count going on yourself.



"Swords" comes before the vignettes. I just sent you some emails with the blurbs and dates and stuff. Thanks for posting all this stuff for me.

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I only have them posted here and on TrekBBS. It might be easier for me to just send them to you as attachments via email. Let me know if that would work for you.

That would be great. Thanks

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