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Favorite / Least Favorite Gibraltar Characters

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I'd had this thread opened on our old BBS, but seeing as a lot has changed since then in my storyline I thought I'd put this out again for comment.  :)

Who are your favorite Gibraltar series characters, and why?

Conversely, who are your least favorite Gibraltar characters, and why?

These don't necessarily need to be regular 'cast' characters, they could also be those folks who show up from time to time with any regularity.

Be honest, I've got thick skin.  ;D

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I'll bite.


I like Sandhurst. He's an everyman type of captain for me, but you've really developed his character over the course of your series and taken him into dark corners that have been very interesting. He's definitely not where I envisioned he would be at this point.

Pell. Well, I created her so how could I not like her?  :). Under your guidance, you've really shown how she is a stabilizing influence for both Sandhurst and Glover. The Sandhurst-Pell romance feels real.

Pava. This is your cool, badass character, but unlike many writers you don't let him totally dominate your stories. He's a welcome part of a whole.

Ramirez. RIP. She was the most Glover-like of your senior staff. Tough, hotheaded at times, but got the job done. She'll be missed.

Least favorites. I don't dislike any of the Gibraltar crew per se, but some of them I haven't gotten a feel for yet. Taiee, Lightner, Ashok (though you're fleshing him out more now). I'm on the fence with Juneau-I like her programmed S31 side, but I'm neutral about her normal side. Same with Shanthi. I'm curious about where you're going to take him. And what about that Sharpe guy?

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I like all the characters. I really like the addition of T'Ser from Bluefin. Some of the Gibraltar/Europa senior staff members still seem more like background players than main characters but I like what you do with them when you use them. Great work, Gibraltar.

Many thanks for the kind words, captainuniverse! :D

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