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The Alshain Corner

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Hi Guys,

I wanted to compile some of the information I have about the Alshain, gleaned from the stories, and place it here. A quick reference for myself or anyone else that might want to use them. I'll be dropping info in bits and pieces, installments. If you have any questions, just let me know.

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Notable Alshain:

Royal Family-Sept O'Jinn

Exarch Jedalla-assumed throne in early 2360s and was deposed in 2376

Queen Symea-wife of Jedalla

Dauphin (Crown Prince) Jang ("Fall Out")

Grand Duke Jarko O'Jinn-Jedalla's uncle; once conspired with the Dominion to overthrow Jedalla in 2375 ("Maelstrom")

Duchess Lerin-wife of Jarko ("Maelstrom")

Exarch Jasta-Jedalla's late father

Dowager Managa-Jedalla's mother; killed in 2376 ("Fall Out")

Crown Prince Jota-elder brother of Jedalla; died in late 2350s/early 2360s

Vizier Topal-chief adviser to Jasta and Jedalla until 2375 ("Maelstrom")

Peers (The Peerage is an aristrocratic council that advises Exarch and manages government ministries)

Lord Narl D'Noth-leader of the Peerage; died in 2375 ("Maelstrom")

Lord Burim-chief medic to Exarch Jedalla in 2375 ("Maelstrom")

Lord Larz E'Lanai-purchased stolen Breen eggs in 2376 ("Corruption of Blood")

Lady Leiko E'Lanai-purchased stolen Breen eggs in 2376 ("Corruption of Blood")  

Lady Diellza-former head of the Unguis (the secret police) in 2375 ("Maelstrom")

War Minister Ardit-Ministry of War chief during the Dominion War ("Maelstrom")

War Minister Orthlin C'Oemnm-Minister until 2376 ("Prophets and Loss")

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Military Figures:

Nauarch Yol A' Yaud-military advisor of Exarch Jedalla and chief military attache of Coordinating Committee Chairman C'Oemnm("Prophets and Loss", "Fall Out")

Nauarch Edim S'Elani-commander of 5th Squadron, 3rd Fleet; died in the Nedric Strait in 2376; formerly in command of military sector containing Pyxis Cluster; commanded ship Ancestral Fury ("Pandora's Jar", "Prophets and Loss")

Nauarch Anvos D'Anzan-helped craft war plan to invade Pyxis Cluster at Starbase 21 in 2375 ("Maelstrom")

Nauarch Angur D'Arrosa-led taskforce that invaded Pyxis Cluster ("Pandora's Jar")

Nauarch Draco L'Dac-commander of Exarch-class cruiser Vyras ("Maelstrom"); Sept L'Dac and Sept D'Noth are bitter rivals.

Sutahr Vacquin R'Vor-commander of heavy cruiser G'Shrora in 2376 ("Prophets and Loss")

Sutahr Vlask R'Voss-commander of heavy cruiser Venska in 2376 ("Prophets and Loss")

Sutahr Visla R'Vott-commander of Yokkai and Blood Shadow in 2376 ("Fall Out")

Sutahr Vallo R'Vort-commander of Bonecrusher in 2376 ("Pandora's Jar")

Sutahr L'Brax-commander of the Turbulent in 2376 ("Pandora's Jar")

Sutahr T'Hiro-commander of the Excise in 2376 ("Pandora's Jar")

Sutahr Hui B'Har-commander of the Tchono in 2377 ("Fall Out"); former wife of Lt. Commander Seb N'Saba 

Protocol Officer Ting V'Tan-aide to Nauarch S'Elani in 2376 ("Pandora's Jar")

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Coordinating Committee (This council took over the Exarchate after Jedalla was deposed in late 2376)-"Fall Out"

Chairman Orthlin C'Oemnm-assassinated in 2376; succeeded by Rulf T'Riav

Lady Boree L'Bek-assassinated in 2376

Lord Rulf T'Riav

Lord Phalin K'Phrey-head of the Unguis in 2376

Lord Nez G'Nesh

Additional military figures


Nadfar Tarwez-served on the Yokkai ("Fall Out")

Nadfar Durgo-served on the Vyras ("Maelstrom")

Nadfar Rog

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Other military figures:

Syot Graf D'Grekker-served on Yokkai and Blood Shadow in 2376 ("Fall Out")

Syot Wadel G'Wura-executed for mutiny on Yokkai; succeeded by D'Grekker ("Fall Out")

Kveld Jast-weapons officer on Yokkai in 2376 ("Fall Out")

Kveld Rask-first officer of Bonecrusher in 2376 ("Pandora's Jar")

Kveld Tiung-served on Blood Shadow in 2376 ("Fall Out")

A'Laia-officer that served aboard Bonecrusher in 2376 ("Pandora's Jar")

Syot Waya U'Wais-served aboard Tchono in 2376 ("Fall Out")

Grenadier Lor V'Lon-murdered Syndic Yarkedi in 2376 ("Fall Out")

Y'era Sharrl N'Soto-companion of Dauphin Jang in 2376 ("Fall Out")

Gmoro-served aboard the Blood Shadow in 2376 ("Fall Out")

Religious figures:

Syndic Yarkedi-sought to delegitimize Jedalla by splashing him with the blood of Outcasts. Murdered by Grenadier V'Lon ("Prophets and Loss") ("Fall Out")

Syndic Gedvin-conspired with Jarko to overthrow Jedalla ("Maelstrom")

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Some new characters based on the story Blooded, circa 2359.

Queen Zerda-Jasta's wife

Lady Symea V'Spar-of Sept V'Spar

Jedrec O'Jinn-Jasta's father; grandfather of Jota and Jedalla

Lord Bescra-Jota's personal physician

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