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Character Snapshots: 2377

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Inspired by Dnoth, here is where I envision the Aegis crew will be in 2377:

Terrence Glover: He'll get a new command sometime during the year. In some previous stories, not posted on this website, I had placed him on the New Orleans class Rushmore. I might keep him there, or give him another ship. He'll still be grappling with a lot of personal issues, from the stuff he experienced in 2376. He won't be the cuddliest bear.

Ivan Cherenkov: He'll continue being the "President's Man" as highlighted in Dnoth's Way of the Gun, etc. He'll be something of a freelance troubleshooter and at the moment I'm thinking of immersing him in the thriving post-Dominion War criminal underworld.

Aquiel Uhnari: After losing the Cuffe and Aegis, and after the debacle with the Defiant (Fall Out) , and being somewhat unlucky in love with Ivan and Jeffrey Thorpe, it will be a period of resetting for her. If Galen is cool with it, Aquiel might find her way to his Intrepid. Though she might also do some work with the Corps of Engineers.

Amoros: The ursine medic will remain cuddly, though he will be reassigned to a medical ship. He will be involved in trying to save the planet Aamazzaria (as mentioned in several of my stories). The planet is dying as the result of a Dominion weapon.

Seb N'Saba: Immersed in Alshain politics.

Tai Donar: Will be reassigned to the USS Sentry, under Captain Caroline Hiroko. Thanks again Galen.

Jasmine Glover: She will remain assigned to the medical ship USS Meharry, but I'm planning for her to do some other off ship work as well.

Juanita Rojas: She might find her way to the Indy, but at the moment, not certain where she's going to wind up. She will enjoy being a new aunt though (Maelstrom)

Lomar: Don't know.

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