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Complete Series Chronology

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The complete The Star Eagle Adventures series chronology with story blurbs for completed and planned stories.


EDIT: Check out the Chronology at StarEagleAdventures.com for latest updates.

Reference Legend:
EVS1 - Part of Eagle Vignette Series One: Prelude to War
EVS2 - Part of Eagle Vignette Series Two: Crossing Over
LDT 1-5 - Lower Deck Tales Short Story
Short - Short Story
Eagle I-V - The Star Eagle Adventures feature novel
AV - Agamemnon Voyages


All The Time In The World (EVS1, 2007)
Michael Owens has graduated from Starfleet Academy and is desperately looking forward to truly begin his adventure in Starfleet. But first he must make a difficult choice which will shape the kind of man he will become.


Without A Cause (EVS2, 2010)
Nora Laas has only recently escaped Bajor, her occupied home world. Alone and without direction, she is looking for a new purpose, which she may have found when she comes across a Starfleet away team led by Commander Krystine Leone (Star Trek: Full Speed Ahead).


Siren's Curse (EVS1, 2007)
DeMara Deen struggles to fit in at Starfleet Academy on Earth, the first time in her young life that she has left her harmonic home world.

Command Performance (EVS2, 2010)
Lif Culsten learns an important lesson in leadership at the Academy thanks to veteran Starfleet officer and Academy instructor Terrence Glover (Dark Territory).


Logic/Heart (EVS2, 2010)
Xylion is contemplating leaving Starfleet as he finds it difficult to work with emotional species. An encounter with Sintinia Aurelia (Star Trek: Independence), an especially emotional human, leads to unexpected results.


One Toke Over the Line (EVS2, 2010)
Tazla Star is working deep cover in the Orion Syndicate and is convinced that she has a real chance to bring the notorious crime organization down, ignoring the well-founded advice she receives from Pava Lar'ragos (Star Trek: Gibraltar).


The Romulan Affair (EVS1, 2007)
So'Dan Leva has to face racial bigotry while investigating a murder as the security chief of Deep Space Two.


Paternal Instincts (aka The Sins of the Father) (Short, 2009)
Michael Owens has only recently lost his first command. Now machinations are under way to secure him another. But Owens isn't yet convinced that he deserves to sit in the big chair again.

First Trial (EVS1, 2007)
Ashley Wenera has to face her first challenge as the newly-minted CMO of Eagle before the ship has even left drydock.


And A Star to Steer Her By (EVS2, 2010)
Amaya Donners is highly efficient as the first officer of DS5 and adjutant to Admiral Samson Glover (Dark Territory). She is not yet ready to move on but that doesn't stop everyone else to think that she is.

The God Particle (AV1, 2012)
Amaya Donners has only just been given her first captaincy and already she has to face the biggest challenge of her career.

My Everything (LDT1, 2006)
A crewman on Eagle falls madly in love with the spellbinding DeMara Deen.

Tempus Fugit (Eagle I, 2006)
Michael Owens has to face a ghost from his past as he embarks on a mission that takes him beyond space and time.

Detour (EVS1, 2007)
A routine mission to shuttle a dignitary to a starbase turns into a harrowing adventure for Lif Culten.

When Gods Smile (Short, 2008)
Eagle has been dispatched to study the natural extinction of an entire civilization. But on Christmas Eve, anything can happen.


Beyond Acheron (LDT2, 2009)
A young ensign on Eagle fears that she is losing her mind when she keeps running into a man believed to be dead.

Eternal Flame (Eagle II, 2006)
Eagle uncovers the remains of an ancient super civilization and gets sucked into an intergalactic treasure hunt for a powerful artifact hidden eons ago.

Love's Battleground (EVS1, 2007)
Nora Laas has feelings for Eugene Edison, Eagle's dashing first officer, but simply doesn't know how to express them.

Star Crossed (Prequel novella to All The Sinners, Saints, 2008)
Tazla Star has to turn against her own when her former mentor has her repay a debt. Now Captan Akinola and the border cutter Bluefin are left with cleaning up the resulting mess.

Incompatibility (EVS1, 2007)
Louise Hopkins has taken quite a liking to Xylion. But it seems the Vulcan science officer is not at all interested.


From Lexington with Love (EVS2, 2010)
Hopkins has created a holodeck adventure set aboard the historical USS Lexington (Star Trek: Lexington). When Nora Laas invites herself, she soon discovers that this simulation isn't as innocent as it looks.

Cry Havoc (Eagle III, 2007)
It's war and Eagle has been tasked to supply a distant outpost. What appears to be a routine mission at first, soon becomes a desperate struggle for the survival of the entire Federation.

The Enemy of My Enemy (is My Lover) (EVS2, 2010)
Three Romulans now serving the Federation, So'Dan Leva, Xeris (Star Trek: Pytheas) and Ousanas Dar (Dark Territory) travel to Romulus to try and convince the empire to join the war against the Dominion.

All the Sinners, Saints (Eagle IV, 2008)
Eagle is sent to deliver humanitarian aid to a potential new ally and Federation member. But soon Eagle and Bluefin find themselves in a race against time, trying to save an entire planet from civil war.

Horizon Protocol (LDT5, 2012)
Two Eagle crew-members have only a few hours to locate and recoup vital Starfleet technology left behind on an alien world.

The Longest Day (LDT3, 2010)
It's just another routine day on Eagle for Ensign Srena.


The Confession (EVS2, 2010)
Ashley Wenera meets up with T'Ser (Tales of the USS Bluefin) after the ordeal they were forced to endure during a joint mission months earlier.

Shadows in the Haze (Eagle V, 2012)
Eagle is tasked with constructing a hidden spy array within an unexplored nebula. Now a vicious killer is on the loose and the crew must unravel the mysteries within this place of beauty and death.


The Times They Are A-Changin' (Short, 2007)
Captain Owens joins the Agamemnon, Aegis, Independence and Sutherland on a mission to hunt down Cardassian insurgents.

Three's A Crowd (EVS2, 2010)
Michael Owens shuttles his cousin Erika Benteen to DS9 after she has been cleared by a court martial and is reinstated. Things quickly become heated when Elizabeth Shelby (Star Trek: Sutherland) of the Sutherland joins them unexpectedly.

What Happens on Risa (EVS2, 2010)
DeMara Deen and Anara Rysyl (Star Trek: Perseus) take much needed shore leave on Risa. But Deen does not appear to be herself.

Close Encounters (Short, 2007)
Eagle and Gibraltar are engaged in battle while a mysterious alien race watches and draws its conclusions.

Who Saves the Saviors? (Short, 2007)
Has Captain Donners of the Agamemnon gone rogue? Owens and Eagle are sent to find out.


Ship of the Dead (LDT4, 2011)
A group of junior officers answer a distress signal from a Klingon ship. They discover the crew in a much worse condition than they were led to believe.

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Chronology updated with links to story locations were available.

I'm hoping to have all these stories up again eventually, probably at StarEagleAdventures.com, following a comprehensive revision process.

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Added direct links to StarEagleAdventures.com.

The novels will link to sections from which the ebooks can be downloaded in the preferred format.

Stories currently in progress will link to Ad Astra.



EDIT: Check out the Chronology at StarEagleAdventures.com for latest updates.


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