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An Introduction to Star Trek: Full Speed Ahead

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Before we begin: Chances are that if you're reading this, you've already visited the web site and read one of the episodes already published there.  If so, this might be old hat to you.  If not, read on:

To begin in short...

Star Trek: Full Speed Ahead is a short story series centering around the Nebula-class multimission heavy cruiser USS Farragut and the members of her crew.  Led by their commanding officer, Captain Krystine Leone, Farragut's ability to take on many types of missions result in a myriad of different adventures, from courier duty to border patrol and everything in between.  For more information about this series, I highly recommend visiting the web site at http://www.stfsa.net and checking out some of the character and ship profiles listed there.

Production: The series is written in Japanese television season format; Thirteen episodes for each season.  Each episode is around 10k words; sometimes more, sometimes less.  Multi-part episodes count against the total number for the season, and are generally released at whatever pace I'm in the mood for.  I usually have about two or three episodes in first draft status at any given time, due to the manner in which I write.  However, one of the main differences between this series and some of the others here at United Trek is that I take submissions from outside writers.  Following the end of the first season, a series bible will be available upon request for any writers wishing to try their hand at writing Full Speed Ahead.  To put a finer point on it, the intention of this series is to mirror a television production team as closely as possible.

But, it's likely that I'll be writing the whole damned thing ;)


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