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Situation Report (FSA Status Post)

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What's Being Written Right Now?

Post-FSA: "Ubi Bene Ibi Domo" with A. J. Gertner -- Stardate 55486 (June 2378)

Following the harrowing events of "Gens Una Sumus," Commander C. J. Kircheis is adjusting to life after her unceremonious departure from Task Force Vanguard and the decision to spend some time with her adoptive family on their new homeworld of Beta Zeta VI.  As the ch'Rihan Mhei settlement is still in its very early days of existence, she sees how they're adjusting first-hand, while trying to find her place in the community.  Meanwhile, back at Starfleet Academy, Icheb (Star Trek: Voyager) tries to find his place among the midshipmen as he navigates through the rigorous training as he desires an officer's commission in Starfleet.

What's on Tap?

Indefatigable: "Episode One (Title TBA)" with A. J. Gertner -- Stardate 55979.39 (December 2378)

Summary: TBA

Refugee Crisis: "Stet Fortuna Domus" with A. J. Gertner -- Stardate Unknown (late 2379)

Summary: To be announced...

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I haven't updated the top post in this thread, yet, because nothing's change, but here's what's going on with me:

- I worked about 60 hours a week on Obama's campaian.

- Subsequently, I moved to a new house.

- Then, I had GoDaddy pull the rug out from under me unexpectedly.  This is documented in another thread within this board.

- It took a while to get the STFSA.net site back online because Drupal is a pain to move from one server to another.  It is currently online right now: http://www.stfsa.net

- I'm working pretty much 10-12 hour days due to an increase in workload, thanks to being 5 guys down in the department.  This means I'm having to shoulder my regular workload and the workload of at least 1.5-2 other guys to help out.

- I'm left with little desire to write.

Therefore, I haven't touched FSA in months because of all this.

There is good news:

- I recently started helping out Ad Astra's fanfic archive on the technical side of things.  http://www.adastrafanfic.com

- Due to this, my exposure to fanfic has increased (though I sparingly read any of it).

- I've been trying to find /something/ to write, FSA or non-FSA, just to get the wheels turning and grab onto that momentum.

- I recently plugged in 2k worth of the word into The Sacrifice of Agamemnon (The Quarterdeck Breed novel).

In short, I'm writing.  I'm going to see if I can ride that momentum into FSA before too long, and I will update here as much as possible.


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60 hours a week volunteering? .... 12 hour regular work day?

I feel proud if I work straight for like 5 hours ... and even that's a chore (to be fair, I am a lazy bastard)  ;D

Hope things settle down for you soon.

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Well I can say to the head writer of Star Trek Full Speed Ahead Michael D. Garcia, you have done a fantastic job creative and believable series! Keep up that type of talent and who knows may one day paramount might actually enjoy doing more ST(Star Trek) series starting possibly with your novel work! 8)

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