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Dark Territory Updates

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DavidFalkayn has just posted two series of vignettes Movements in Light and Shadow and Objects at Rest on the United Trek Dark Territory page. However, I would prefer that you hold off reading them until you've read The Valley of Peace and Under the Shadows of Swords. I just had to resend "Swords" to him to be posted.

Last week DF posted the short story Last Stand and the novella False Colors. November has been a good month for Dark Territory.

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Hi Darkush,

Just wanted to say that have read the first part of Maelstrom and I really liked it. I know you're having some issues posting there but I really hope you try at it again. It would be great to follow a Dark Territory story as it progresses. Sp please bear with the difficulties. I'm pretty sure it has to be something simple. Anyway best of luck with the story.

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I read the first segment of Maelstrom (thanks to Mirandafave) and it looks great.  But I wanted to remind you about my vignette http://www.unitedtrek.org/Independence/wounds%20of%20chintoka.htm "Wounds of Chin'toka."  It is not a request to mention it or anything, but I tend to remember a couple of our ships were there (as I recall).  It may or may not help you.   

Edit: I just reread "Wounds..."  I mentioned the Cuffe losing power, but I can easily change that.  And it could be explained that there were two groups of recovery teams: the Midas group and your group.  So it works.  ;) 

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Not quite sure in terms of order, but here goes:

-Wrapping up "Blooded". I really want this story to be about 20 pages single-spaced, but it will at least be double that.

-Then I want to move into 2377 with a story about the Talarian Incursion featuring Galen's USS Sentry.

-After that, picking up another "Pandora's Jar" subplot and expanding on it, with DF's USS Sutherland and post-war Cardassia.

-After that, I would like to return to the Alshain plot and catch up with Terrence Glover. That being said, I've been wanting to do a Kitty Hawk-Alshain story as a prelude.

-Also a Dominion War story featuring Erik Rydell and the USS Urania (another "Pandora's Jar" subplot). 

So in essence, my plate is full. I've also been 'working' on an original novel. After "Blooded" I have to let that novel take precedence, so these other stories are going to take a while.

But if I am successful with moving to shorter works, I might be able to crank them out. The Talarian one should be short, but I know the Cardassian one won't be. It's a follow on to the events in "Under the Shadow of Swords", so it's going to be huge.

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Couldn't help myself. Yesterday, I posted a new entry for the March Challenge: "Night Catches Us." If you are a Terrence-Jasmine fan, I think you'll want to check it out.

I definitely have to swing by and read it.  Spring break now so hopefully I'll be doing some reading and writing this week--although I've got some rough drafts from my students I have to read (shuddering in fear) and I have to write up exams.  We've found a good place to take my mother for daytrips a couple of days a week--she's getting a chance to meet new friends and do things.  I'm just hoping I can find my writing muse again...

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