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Dark Territory Updates

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Thanks CeJay and Happy Holidays,

I wrote "Obscura" a long time ago and was retooling it to make it more in line with where I want to go today, but the story that became "Conspirata" took hold and then it just grew. It's a large story that might actually connect to an even bigger mega-story. I hope to get back to "Obscura" but it will change due to what happens with "Conspirata" and the new ideas and direction the story has generated.

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Hello everyone,

Letting you know that I posted some new stuff, "The Four Years War Origins: Future's Past" over at TrekBBs. Hopefully I'll be able to finish TFYW: Year Zero, revise my TFYW: Year One stories, and we'll see about covering the rest of the war from that point on. I invite all to read and if letting me know what you think about the stories and the direction I'm taking the Four Year War concept in. If you have any suggestions let me know those as well. Thanks. 


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This is one helluva an epic you've got going.  I'm really enjoying not just the scope, but also the characterizations: Edison, Taman/Vashta, Marcella, Penda Dryer and so many more.  Strong plot involving not just a wide span in years, but also time travel, multiple universes and dimensions.  Great stuff

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