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David Falkayn

Long Time No See

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It's been a long time since I've posted and seen most of you, but some big things happened in my life that I should tell you about which explains why you haven't heard from me and why I haven't been writing.  First, my mother suffered from Alzheimer's through most of the 2010's.  As her condition worsened, I had to take on a greater role as caregiver until I and my family could no longer give her the proper care she needed and we had to place her in extended care.  Me and my mother were very close and when she passed away in 2015, I spiraled down into a very deep and dark depression where I didn't really so much live, as exist.  It was a very dark and painful time for me and really only recently ended.  Last year at about this time, I passed out during a cardiac stress test and was rushed to the hospital where they had to perform a double coronary bypass and had a heart valve replaced.  They had to perform surgery on me twice as they had to stop some internal bleeding.  I nearly didn't make it through.  

It took me the better part of 2017 to recover from my surgery, but during that time, thanks to the love of family and friends, I got better.  Now, I've dropped 70 pounds from last year and my depression is history.  I've come to terms with the loss of my mother and I've found that my creative energies have been restored.  If my friends at United Trek would have me back, I'd love to finish the stories I'm doing.  Right now, I'm working on "Blood Cries" and I think everyone will like the ending of that story.  I look forward to reading and sharing with everyone once again and to those who enjoyed reading about our wayward captain Liz and all her friends, well, if you'll have me, she's baaaaaack! :)

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